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    1. Nov. 2008, 21:55

    Thu 30 Oct – The Hold Steady, Drive-By Truckers
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    an incomplete review.

    went to Louisville last night to catch the opening night of the Rock and Roll Means Well tour featuring the Drive-by Truckers and The Hold Steady. the bands are alternating opening/closing. last night D-bT opened.

    Drive-by Truckers is a band I'd been looking forward to for a while. they are the spiritual and musical heirs to Lynyrd Skynyrd; they have great ease on stage and are enjoying themselves. presumably the individual whiskey fifths help the nice vibe along.

    Drive-by Truckers set (roughly)

    living Bubba
    women without whiskey
    love like this
    the righteous path
    Ghost to most

    I'm sorry Houston
    Goode's field road
    company I keep
    3 dimes down
    Ronnie and Neil

    marry me
    hell no I ain't happy
    zip city

    home field advantage

    let there be rock
    Alabama ass whuppin'

    look out mountain

    Louisville is about 1½-hour away and I'm at work today, so we didn't catch but the first hour of The Hold Steady's set. 'twas interesting, but almost a little funny after the intensity of D-bT. when THS came on stage it felt like the A-V club nerds were taking over the stage after the *real* show was over.

    partial The Hold Steady set (roughly)

    stay positive

    constructive summer
    two-handed handshake
    your little hoodrat friend
    navy sheets
    chips ahoy
    the swish
    you can make him like you
    song for cutters
    sequestered in Memphis

    NOTE: very rough setlists. apparently standing and drinking beer is not conducive to the best handwriting.