• 2013

    10. Feb. 2014, 6:03

    stealing sheep - rearrange
    blue hawaii - sweet tooth
    dutch uncles - zug zwang
    my bloody valentine - if i am
    cupp cave - kid's a loner
    autechre - bladelores
    rainer veil - yield
    selda - ince ince
    shlohmo - out of hand
    bonobo - emkay
    lapalux - straight over my head
    a.m. architect - window
    grischa lichtenberger - 1210_08_4+
    empress of - tristeza
    demdike stare - primitive equations
    co la - deaf christian
    pretty & nice - Q_Q
    vorpal - latenight drunken email
    the national - this is the last time
    baths - miasma sky
    austra - painful like
    gold panda - brazil
    boards of canada - nothing is real
    so - a
    braids - in kind
    sigur rós - ísjaki
    no joy - prodigy
    dalhous - eros, love and lies
    julianna barwick - pyrrhic
    julia holter - maxim's II
    fka twigs - papi pacify
    huerco s. - 'iińzhiid
    solar year - global girlfriend
    glasser - design
    four tet - parallel jalebi
    melt-banana - candy gun
    juana molina - sin guía, no
    botany - owa
    samaris - góða tungl
    lucrecia dalt - glossolalia
    joanna gruesome - sugarcrush
  • 2012

    1. Jan. 2013, 20:14

    chairlift - amanaemonesia
    grimes - oblivion
    evenings - lo-vélo
    xiu xiu - born to suffer
    värttinä - tuuterin tyttäret
    john talabot - el oeste
    sleigh bells - you lost me
    demdike stare - mnemosyne
    the chap - what did we do?
    shlohmo - wen uuu
    pinch & shackleton - torn and submerged
    THEESatisfaction - queens
    beach house - new year
    ava luna - sequential holdings
    diane cluck - easy to be around
    alt-J - breezeblocks
    fiona apple - jonathan
    clams casino - angels
    dirty projectors - about to die
    purity ring - amenamy
    le1f - wut
    lianne la havas - forget
    jewellers - tape
    mediafired - cinderella's big score
    deerhoof - zero seconds pause
    holy other - held
    how to dress well - how many?
    susanne sundfør - it's all gone tomorrow
    andy stott - sleepless
    cube face - give
    vessel - lache
    1991 - fabric of space
    gerry read - crawl
    lukid - manchester
    hundred waters - thistle
  • 2011

    1. Jan. 2012, 23:16

    ólöf arnalds - vinkonur
    sarah kirkland snider - this is what you're like
    deerhoof - super duper rescue heads!
    braids - lemonade
    tune-yards - bizness
    the go! team - buy nothing day
    ringo deathstarr - so high
    low - try to sleep
    panda bear - last night at the jetty
    candan erçetin - kalenin bedenleri
    gang gang dance - adult goth
    grouper - alien observer
    austra - lose it
    julianna barwick - prizewinning
    mount kimbie - maybes
    pj harvey - the glorious land
    clams casino - numb *unreleased
    shabazz palaces - an echo from the hosts that profess infinitum
    star slinger - minted
    true widow - skull eyes
    how to dress well - you won't need me where i'm goin'
    st. vincent - neutered fruit
    the field - arpeggiated love
    gold panda - back home
    alex winston - sister wife
    björk - sacrifice
    twin sister - kimmi in a rice field
    portishead - roads
    beyoncé - countdown
    young montana? - sacré cool
    blue hawaii - dream electrixra
    ghibli - yr shade
    kate bush - misty
    north highlands - benefits
    sepalcure - pencil pimp
  • 2010

    12. Jan. 2011, 4:13

    cocteau twins - melonella
    bear in heaven - wholehearted mess
    the knife - forest families
    beach house - norway
    owen pallett - the great elsewhere
    four tet - angel echoes
    phantogram - turn it off
    hanne hukkelberg - blood from a stone
    joanna newsom - go long
    xiu xiu - dear god, i hate myself
    frightened rabbit - skip the youth
    bonobo - all in forms
    tori amos - northern lad
    liars - no barrier fun
    twin sister - lady daydream
    rita pavone - datemi un martello
    the national - lemonworld
    local natives - warning sign
    sleigh bells - rill rill
    j dilla - two can win
    the chap - fun and interesting
    all natural lemon & lime flavors - puzzled into pieces
    baths - aminals
    mahogany - optimism
    a sunny day in glasgow - summerlong silences
    swirlies - san cristobal de las casas
    bows - king deluxe
    a sunny day in glasgow - how does somebody say when they like you?
    glasser - apply
    marnie stern - gimme
    a sunny day in glasgow - sigh, inhibitionist (come all day with me)
    gold panda - marriage
    mount kimbie - would know
  • 2009

    1. Jan. 2010, 19:42

    animal collective - daily routine
    juana molina - los hongos de marosa
    fucked up - black albino bones
    antony and the johnsons - epilepsy is dancing
    kate bush - l'amour looks something like you
    broadcast - come on let's go
    passion pit - sleepyhead
    the thermals - a pillar of salt
    sholi - november through june
    fever ray - when i grow up
    my bloody valentine - loomer
    the books - there is no there
    micachu - golden phone
    camera obscura - french navy
    suzanne vega - tom's diner
    chairlift - evident utensil
    st. vincent - laughing with a mouth of blood
    dirty projectors - depression
    yeasayer - tightrope
    dirty projectors - stillness is the move
    final fantasy - this lamb sells condos
    the 6ths - dream hat
    heavenly - trophy girlfriend
    wild beasts - the devil's crayon
    autolux - angry candy
    why? - against me
    dark dark dark - junk bones
    a sunny day in glasgow - nitetime rainbows
    lightning bolt - sound guardians
    tUnE-yArDs - hatari
    the ballet - rough trade
    animal collective - what would i want? sky
    a sunny day in glasgow - our change into rain is no change at all (talkin' 'bout us)
    cocteau twins - fotzepolitic
  • why? 2

    2. Okt. 2009, 6:19

    Sun 27 Sep – WHY?, Dark Dark Dark, Shai Erlichman

    january twenty something
    song of the sad assassin
    brook and waxing
    against me
    on rose walk, insomniac
    berkeley by hearseback
    good friday
    these few presidents
    rubber traits
    yo yo bye bye
    by torpedo or crohn's

    a sky for shoeing horses under
    twenty eight
  • why? 3

    2. Okt. 2009, 6:17

    Thu 1 Oct – WHY?, Au, Dark Dark Dark

    the hollows
    january twenty something
    against me
    on rose walk, insomniac
    these hands
    the vowels, pt. 2
    good friday
    these few presidents
    song of the sad assassin
    berkeley by horseback
    21st century pop song (hymie's basement)

    gemini (birthday song)
    by torpedo or crohn's
  • deerhooof 2

    16. Sep. 2009, 19:25

    Mon 14 Sep – Deerhoof, Glass Ghost, Serengeti and Polyphonic

    giga dance
    fresh born
    the tears of music and love
    rainbow silhouette of the milky rain
    some sort of rockabilly jam?
    numina o
    panda panda panda
    pinhead (ramones cover)
    spirit ditties of no tone
    twin killers
    i did crimes for you (new song)
    the perfect me
    happy birthday ed!
    going up the country (canned heat cover)
    basket ball get your groove back
  • dan deacs

    14. Mai. 2009, 7:37

    Wed 13 May – Dan Deacon & Ensemble, Future Islands, Teeth Mountain – SOLD OUT

    just so you know:

    get older
    red f
    paddling ghost
    snookered (think about something that makes you feel really guilty)
    of the mountains (miracle cure for poison)
    woof woof (1860s dance)
    baltihorse (train out the door)
    the crystal cat
    silent like the wind (singalong)
  • thermals

    8. Mai. 2009, 6:23

    Thu 7 May – The Thermals, The Shaky Hands, Point Juncture, WA

    returning to the fold
    i let it go
    how we know
    i called out your name
    a passing feeling
    back to gray
    a pillar of salt
    when i was afraid
    test pattern
    we were sick
    i hold the sound
    st. rosa flies with the swallows
    you dissolve
    now we can see
    here's your future
    no culture icons
    goddamn the light
    everything thermals
    saints (breeders)
    laundry room (nirvana)
    it's only trivia