The Red Racer - "No One Can Hurt You"


6. Nov. 2010, 8:58

The Red Racer - "No One Can Hurt You"

Okay, so I know this isn't exactly the band I said I would blog about next, (and if you couldn't figure it out, it would have been The Get Up Kids, and I promise they will be blogged about soon) but I have been listening to this album. It's been stuck in my head for awhile, and I need to write about it. I didn't ever think I would write about this band considering they broke up quite some time ago (2007), and they are quite obscure outside of the Terre Haute region (considering they practically brought the music scene together there). But for my friends in Terre Haute, consider this blog a treat, because I'm sure some of the things I write about will make you want to listen to this CD. For those of you unfamiliar with this band, after reading this you may soon be interested in finding it, but it's insanely hard to come by. I practically had to rip it out of someone's hands... well, not really. In fact someone gave it to me, and for that I thank them for like, ever. (you know who you are). Anyways...

The album starts with "(Sunset, Sunrise)", which is appropriate for it's name. You could listen to this song during either of those events and find the beauty in not only the song, but also through the suns rising or falling over the horizon. This is more of an introductory song, but it still has a charm that cannot be resisted. The bass riff in this song is killer. It matches perfectly with the gentle acoustic guitar, never overbearing it for a single second. It then leads into "Andy And Theresa Were There." Though the die hard Racer fans may disagree with me when I say this (or not), but in my opinion this is THE BEST song on the album. It's progressive, never staying for too long in one particular pattern. The guitar has some of the best written melodies that stunningly interlope with each other, and it is hard to not want to recreate those through humming. But still the best part of this song is when it transitions from a decently paced instrumental indie song, into an upbeat frenzy of shouted vocals a blazed by a more furious drum pattern. It's really something to listen to, and I always shout aloud whenever that part comes along. "Paint me a picture! Of everything you want in me. And I swear I'll die trying to fill every mark thats dried, cross my heart and hope to die! I'm thinking I should copy the things you wrote in your letter, and paint them on my window. So when I look at the world will I see it in the color of your eyes? You had me convinced! Well, I could barely carry myself to contend with apologies!" The lyrics are passionate and colorful, always adding to the song with unique settings and interpretations. The instrumental breaks they put in between the gang vocals is something that leaves the listener with intent on finishing the song, as if wanting to hear what they have to say. All of that is why I love that song.

The next song, "The Ten Minutes When Everything Made Sense", is slower paced then the previous song, but it still has its appeal. The introduction is catchy, and the guitar part is yet again something that I have hummed along with. The lyrics are sung softly in the beginning, and eventually work their way to being yelled during the last moments when the vocalist is shouting "I'm laughing with my best friend!" Excellent lyrics are sprinkled to and fro not only on this song, but throughout the entire album. "Boys will be boys, and girls will always write it off and fall in love again. Well, this is the revolution. Hold your hands tight to the wheel, open your eyes and watch the sun come up. This is the revolution. This is the revolution." I think it is safe to say I really like their lyrics. A lot.

Some other highlight tracks... well, I hate to break it to you, but the entire album is amazing. I could write about every single song, but instead of boring you with trying to describe the rest of it, I'll just explain the last song on this album. "St. Elmo Vs. The Sunrise." I think there might be a theme with the sun and it rising throughout the album. A lot of the time I listen to music in the car when I'm driving, so I don't really pay attention to the grand detail of what I listen to. But thankfully tonight I've been listening to it on my iPod, and have been loving every single second of a more in depth Racer listen. This last song is one that ends the album on such a magnificent note. The only thing I can say is that it seems to never end, but that is a good thing. The way the chords are played, the way the singer shouts at the top of his lungs "I will come back to you!", the way it proceeds from quiet to loud... everything about this song is gorgeous. It's honestly one of the most beautiful songs I've ever listened to. This is perhaps THE song to lock yourself away from the world, and just listen to it. To just sit and stare into oblivion while you are listening, only contemplating on the strings being strung, the words being sang, the drums being pounded, all of the notes harmonizing into one illustrious mesh of something powerful. If I had the talent to write music like this I would. Without a single question of doubt. This song, nay this entire album is influential beyond description.

If you can find this album without asking anyone in Terre Haute or myself, I will personally commend you. And no, you cannot have my copy. I've lost enough things recently. If you like indie, especially local indie, you will absolutely love this band. I know theredracer broke up a few years ago, and if this blog spoke out to you to want to listen to them despite this CD, well don't worry your pretty little head. A band called Sono Komadori (sweet name, isn't it?) has some of the original members from the Racer, and they sorta sound like 'em. If you weren't around when the Racer was (which I know I wasn't), I would highly suggest checking these guys out. They are amazing live, and I do believe they have released an EP full of some sweet songs.

Next, The Get Up Kids! I'll even tell you which album I'm gonna blog about, and no it isn't "Something to Write Home About." It's their first album, "Four Minute Mile." So, stay tuned. I really hope you liked this blog, because this band holds a lot of meaning to me. I know I never saw them live and experienced what I am sure were some excellent shows, but this album has material that contemplates for that. Once again, if you can find it I highly suggest it.


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