The "awesome" game (stolen/inspired by another journal entry)


9. Mai. 2007, 21:00

Pretty much the following

Put on the "awesome" tag radio, listen to the 15 songs that get scrobbled, and review them.

Yes, you must listen to them in it's entirety and critique them. Give a rating out of 10.

2 - Shitty
3 - Terrible
4 - This is far from awesome
5 - Mediocre
6 - Ok
7 - Decent
8 - Great
9 - Defintely Awesome

That's right...listen in it's entirety and then jump to conclusions!

SONG #1 - New Young Pony Club - The Bomb
Band Tags (use top 7, arrange starting with most popular): electronic, electro, indie, electronica, dance, electropop, new wave, indie pop

Definitely listenable and cool, but really not my style of music. 7/10

SONG #2 - Michael Woods - Solex
Band Tags: trance, electronic, techno, progressive trance, electronica, awesome, dance, vocal

Better than the last one, not too fond of vocals. 8/110

SONG #3 - Linkin Park - Papercut
Band Tags: rock, alternative, nu metal, metal, alternative rock, nu-metal, punk rapcore

What more can I say? I'm a big time Linkin Park fan, and this is by far one of my favorites from them. Easy 10/10.

BTW, new album ain't's just different.

SONG #4 - Bis - Eurodisco
Band Tags: electronic, indie, britpop, electronica, indie pop, pop, rock, scottish

Kind of getting tired of too much electronica, another 8/10 here.

SONG #5 - Thomas Bronzwaer - Shadow World (Midway Remix)
Band Tags: trance, melodic, awesome, asot, my personal favorites, electronic, progressive trance, uplifting trance

It seems most electronic tracks get the awesome tag around here, eh? I like this trance...could use more to my electronic collection, 9/10

SONG #6 - Sons and Daughters - Dance Me In
Band Tags: indie, indie rock, rock, alternative , seen live, female vocalists, indie pop

It's ok...nothing really awesome though...catchy rhythm and a ton of repetition. 6.5/10

SONG #7 - Akrid - 533
Band Tags: chillout, techno, trance, awesome, electronic, lesser known yet streamable artists, unsigned

Feels too repetition, acidy by far. 6.9/10. It seems a lot of people love tagging electronic tracks awesome.

SONG #8 - Arksun - Arisen
Band Tags: trance, awesome, dance, melodic trance, progressive trance, rave, techno, uplifting trance

This is the awesome station, right? Not the trance station? Anyways, it's another cool/ambient track, but I'm kind of getting bored at this point. Got to let the music go on though. 7.8/10

SONG #9 - Ananda Shake - The Movie Star
Band Tags: psytrance, psychedelic, psychedelic trance, electronic, trance, electronica, goa, dance

I really don't know why I'm getting fed nothing but trance sites...even if this a good one, 8.9/10

This track did not scrobble correctly.

SONG #10 - Tiefschwarz - No More Trouble
Band Tags: electronic, house, electro, electronica, dance, german, techno, minimal

A house-groove-styled song...sounds like they sampled some familiar song in the mix. Cool. 7.3/10

SONG #11 - Fat Jakk and his Pack Of Pets - Who Let The Dogs Out?
Band tags: There aren't any

Oh boy...what the fuck is this...a poorly done "cover" of Baha Men's crazy song from....I don't remember when. Annoying, 2.4/10.

SONG #12 - Father Abraphart and the Smurps - Lick a Smurp for Christmas (All Fall Down)
Band Tags: None again

1/10...who's the bastard that tagged this under awesome.

At this point, I realized the radio was streaming songs from one album only. I stopped and hit play again. The annoying songs kept coming up again from that damn album...I finally refreshed the damn browser and got back to music. Whoever uploaded that shitty album better watch out.

SONG #13 - Christina Aguilera - Walk Away
Band Tags: pop, female vocalists, rnb, dance, female, hip-hop, rock soul

Now that's over with, this is the second recognizable artist I've run into. Doesn't mean it's awesome. This song's definitely not crappy, but it's not my style. 6.6/10

SONG #14 - Cindergarden - One By One
Band Tags: darkwave, electronic, gothic, awesome, dark, female vocalist, beautiful, new

Dark ambient sound...female vocal, i'd give a 7.8/10. I'm really giving up there going to be anything other than electronic music? Some rock or metal perhaps? I think the radio is broken...

SONG #15 - The Kingston Trio - Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Band Tags: folk, 60s, oldies, singer-songwriter, american, awesome, close harmony, country

Finally some change for once. A listenable folk song...decent 7.5/10.

SONG #16 - Coheed and Cambria - [track artist=Coheed and Cambria]Wake Up (Acoustic Version)
Band Tags: progressive rock, rock, emo, alternative, indie, metal, punk, seen live

Well, decided to continue to see what I could acoustic. Is the voice of this band a girl or something? 6/10

I decided to finish off here...well. Maybe the awesome station is not-so-awesome. Guess it's back to what suits me the best...

BTW, I ran the radio on the I/E browser. Normally, 9 bands show up on the upper left hand corner. The 9 in this case were RHCP, Taking Back Sunday, LCD Soundsystem, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Brand New, Pink Floyd, and Muse. IMO, 5 of them deserve that honor. Won't tell you which ones though
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  • onerobot

    David Bowie? Is that five?

    10. Mai. 2007, 6:26
  • GrantRS

    Had you never heard Coheed and Cambria before? I don't know the acoustic version of that song but it is already (by far) one of the two least rocky on its original album. Anyway, I quite like them, I think it would grow on you. ..and no their singer is a man.

    15. Mai. 2007, 19:27
  • maplejet

    I know some friends like C+C, but I've vaguely had much exposure. Might be the time to see some vids on youtube for them.

    15. Mai. 2007, 21:19
  • GrantRS

    I'm not saying that you have to like them, or that everyone has to. But (In My Opinion) they have a fair variety of styles, particularly on the last album they brought out: Welcome Home has enough solos to classify them as a classic rock or metal band, (and the version you'll find on youtube is not the full song), while the four songs at the end of the album making up the Willing Well suite, average out around 7 minutes each, and would qualify as prog rock, meanwhile most of the rest of the songs on the album have a much more commercial vibe to them with vocal harmonies and such...also they have a story throughout all their albums (thereby making them concept albums) and I'm just a sucker for concept albums. Anyway, if you do decide to feedback after further investigation I'd be interested to know what you're honest opinion is...and just to make it absolutely clear, I'm not trying to say that everyone in the world should like them. I just find them a very interesting band because I frequently disagree with them being tagged 'emo'...But that's another issue altogether.

    15. Mai. 2007, 23:07
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