• blah

    12. Apr. 2009, 10:19

    Name your top ten artists on

    1 宇多田ヒカル
    2 和田光司
    3 下村陽子
    4 浜崎あゆみ
    5 Utada
    6 前田愛
    8 大塚愛
    9 BeForU
    10 PUFFY

    How many times have you listened to number one (Utada Hikaru)?

    Is this your favorite band?
    I'd say she's an artist but oh well yes :--D

    What got you into number one?
    Her voice is simply the most beautiful I've ever heard ♥

    Why have you listened to that so much?
    ^ Because of that

    Favorite song(s)?
    Sanctuary, Time Will Tell, Automatic, HEART STATION, etc

    Something you think you’d thoroughly enjoy doing with the band?
    Even seeing her live would be awesome...

    Favorite memory of the artist?
    When I beat Kingdom Hearts II for the first time, because Sanctuary is the ending theme

    How many times listened to number two (Wada Kouji)?

    What got you into them?
    while watching Digimon and then I liked the opening songs and so on, I guess

    What makes you like them so much?
    because Digimon is so precious to me :--D

    Favorite song(s)?
    Butter-fly, ハナビジャック, FIRE!!...

    Favorite memory of artist?
    When I finished watching Digimon Frontier ♥ *sob*

    How many times have you listened to number three (Shimura Yoko)?

    Would you pay thirty dollars to see them in concert?
    I'd pay thousands if I had to! But thirty is okay :---D

    Favorite song(s)?
    Sinister Shadows ♥

    How many times have you listened to four (Ayumi Hamasaki)?

    Would you go fishing with them?
    With Ayu? Why not it'd be fun XD

    Any particular emotions run through you when you listen?
    Hmm not really but sometimes really energetic

    Favorite song(s)?
    GAME, EnergizE

    How many times have you listened to five (Utada)?

    What’s so intriguing about them?
    Well it's almost the same with her japanese songs but I find these more interesting

    Could you imagine them in a circus?

    Favorite song(s):
    Hotel Lobby, Kremlin Dusk ♥

    How many times for six (Ai Maeda)?

    How many 3’s in a <3333333 would you give them and why?
    Funny question XD um maybe 3

    Favorite song(s)?
    My Tomorrow

    How many times for 7 (MOSAIC.WAV)?

    I hear 7 is a magical number, is this band magical?
    It is!

    Favorite song(s)?
    Katamichi Catchball~

    How many times for eight (Ai Otsuka)?

    How long have you liked this artist?
    1 year?

    Favorite song(s)?

    Poor nine and ten, how many times you listened to them?
    330 for BeForU, 270 for pigstar :D

    Why have them as number nine and ten, where is the love?
    I like them both, but not that much XD dunno really

    How long have you liked them?
    both for an year I guess
  • Music meme :-)

    26. Feb. 2009, 17:21

    Copied from psychoballerina ~

    Name your top 10 most played bands on

    1. Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル)
    2. Wada Kouji (和田光司)
    3. MOSAIC. WAV
    4. pigstar
    5. PUFFY
    6. Maeda Ai (前田愛)
    7. Hamasaki Ayumi (浜崎あゆみ)
    8. Otsuka Ai (大塚愛)
    9. LM.C
    10. Fizzy DINo POp

    -- What was the first song you ever heard by 6?

    I wish ~

    -- What is your favourite album of 2?


    -- What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?

    Today we'll uphold traffic laws!
    We'll eat anything without preference!
    Earthquakes, thunder, fire,
    Language Arts, Arithmetics, Science, Social Studies
    We're not afraid of anything

    Cute and catchy ♥!

    -- How many times have you seen 4 live?

    zero :-(

    -- What is your favourite song by 7?

    Dearest ~ first song I heard, still luv it

    -- What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?

    Summer with my friends~ we listened to FDP a lot!

    -- Song of 3 that makes you sad:

    None, all of their songs are happyhappy!

    -- What is your favourite song by 9?

    OH MY JULIET. its live= ♥ ♥

    -- How did you get into 3?

    Umm. In Stepmania I played Sumomomo momo mo's opening themes and I found out it's by Mosaikku and so.. yeah.

    -- What was the first song you heard by 1?

    Sanctuary . Still my fav~

    -- How many time have you seen 9 live?

    ONCE! It was so cool *www* ♥

    -- Is there a song of 2 that makes you sad?

    Fire!! 's piano version. It doesn't make me sad, but it waters my eyes, srsly.

    -- What is your favourite album of 5?


    -- What is your favourite song of 1?

    Sanctuary ♥ ♥ ♥ !

    -- What is your favourite song of 10?

    lazy vegetarian

    -- How many times have you seen 8 live?

    none. :-(

    -- What is your favourite album of 1?


    -- How many bands/artists in your top 10 have you seen live?

    Only LM.C, once :---( any of my favourite bands or artists don't visit this crappy Finland ;; ___ ;; .