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Über mich

ne trebaš hodati po vodi, ne moraš biti bolji od drugih,
nemaš ništa više od onog što svi ostali imaju, ali ono što
čini razliku, djela su kojima kod drugih ostavljaš svoj trag
....Otisak Srca

"See who I am?
Out where nothing's forgiven
A small yet very loud part of me is still
screaming after you..."

"so fill me up with chemicals or
other people's words
i shout it from this pretty hole in
modes and fifths and thirds
i steep up an infusion there and
pour it on these keys
i'm influenced so easily so
influence me please
fill me up with chemicals or
other people's words..."

"When you refuse me
You confuse me
What makes you think I’ll let you in again
Think again my friend
Go on misuse me and abuse me
I’ll come out stronger in the end"

"...Give me your poison kiss,
Now, come night, I need my sleeping wish
Help me dream again, somehow kiss me now."

"...welcome to a trip to my emotions,
to the language of my heart,
you're sailing on a river that becomes an ocean..."

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