• Making negative statements about my Top 50: The revision Pt. 1 50-25

    11. Aug. 2009, 20:44

    Yep, I am bored enough to do this, hope you're all bored enough to read it. I will come up for some less than positive statements about my top artists, because hey, while I love them all, they are far from perfect.

    50.Nevermore - This is a really solid band, but I must say that at times they sound a bit too much alike from a song to song basis, and some of their lyrics are dull.

    49.Talib Kweli - A great rap artist who unlike others in my top, is a superb lyricist. My main beef with him would be that as he released more albums, his quality dropped a bit. I was not a huge fan of his previous effort.

    48.浜渦正志 - Or Masashi Hamauzu for those who cannot read that. A good enough composer, though sometimes his work is dull and a bit monotonous.

    47.Faith No More - As with others, the Mike Patton era was mostly great, though their big hits were some of their worst. Epic is really not that good, and is highly overrated. And for every good song they have, I can point out one that is bad.

    46.Mos Def - Like Talib Kweli, Mos lives his rap life through his lyrics, when they are on point, he is one of the best in the game, His album The New Danger was pretty weak save for a couple songs, but he made up for it with his newest effort The Ecstatic.

    45.Foo Fighters - This is a band whose Discopgraphy is littered with classic songs, average songs, and songs that should never be heard by anyone. This band is maddening to me, they can release classics like Everlong and then have an album that is almost purely garbage.

    44.Rick Ross - This guy is almost a guilty pleasure for me, he is terrible with lyrics, cannot rhyme well, all he has really is great production work and a passable flow. That being said, he has some of the catchiest rap music out now.

    43.崎元仁 - Hitoshi Sakimoto is one of my favorite VGM composers, and he has a unique style that no many can emulate, that being said, like many others in this field, he has some really terrible tracks as well.

    42.UGK - I think the most negative thing is that they are no longer in existence, damn you Pimp C for dying! They were probably one of the best rap duos ever, and had a big amount of staying power, and still remained relatively unknown for years. An actual gripe would be, as with most southern rap, the lyrics aren't exactly mindblowing, but Bun B and Pimp C had a chemistry that worked great.

    41.Kanye West - This one is easy. I like Kanye musically, but if his ego were any bigger he would be drowning is a pool full of smug.

    40.Moonsorrow - Great metal band, known for their long epic songs, and that is the main complaint; I like long tracks, but this band has way too many. Not saying I am ADD, but I really only listen to them when I have the time to fully enjoy them.

    39.DMX - As much as it may be his lifelong dream, man, you are not, nor ever will be a dog, its amusing at times, but this man has a growl or bark in practically every song. Or at least a dog reference.

    38.Doves - Great band, but much like my older comments on this group, the singer is not very good, but he manages to make his lame singing just work with this band, I dunno how he does it.

    37.King Crimson - Classic band that progressively got more dull and pretentious. I respect their early albums, but their more recent ones have been a yawn fest.

    36.Eminem - As a whole, he is a genre-changing rapper. He has some classic works to his name, but for every Till' I Collapse is a Without Me.

    35.Symphony X - Not a music aspect, but this may be one of the ugliest looking bands in existence. Besides that remark, they have a tendency to borrow their own previous riffs in other songs of theirs.

    34.Metallica - ST. ANGER, how about some FRANTIC TIC TIC TIC TOC, And Lars Ulrich is a Douchehelmet.

    33.Lil' Wayne - The man has a problem with rhyming the same words a lot, case in point in the Ludacris Track Last of a Dying Breed, he rhymed roses with roses, that's classic Wayne. And he seems to be going off the deep end recently, and is becoming wack as fuck. But his earlier stuff was brilliant.

    32.梶浦由記 - Yuki Kajiura has the following thought process. "I like violins! I know, lets put them into every song I ever make! That's sure to be exciting."

    31.Canaan - Very good but obscure band. They have a few songs that sound too much alike, and tend to have a few filler tracks per album that are nothing more than dull ambient tracks.

    30.Darkthrone - Brilliant in their early and mid discography works, but then became tiresome and monotonous. Haven't put out a great album in years.

    29.Pain of Salvation - Scarsick sucked, that the only flaw in their music to me.

    28.Portishead - They have only put out 3 albums. But seriously, they are really great. I suppose Beth Gibbons has had some lackluster vocal performances in a couple of songs.

    27.Staind - I wasn't even aware they were this high on my list. How embarrassing. I suppose they are good if you are in an angsty mood, and feel like listening to some post-grunge honestly I don't think they are as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

    26.Linkin Park - Uhh, yeah the are somehow at 26. I blame it on me being an overly angst filled fuck when I am drunk, and that is where most of these plays are from, being drunk. I do honestly enjoy some songs, but I feel like I am 16 when I listen to them, oh woe is me.

    25.Poets of the Fall - I really do love this group, I I had to pick a flaw, I would say that they have fallen off a bit with each album release. I wouldn't say they have put out a bad album yet, but they are releasing more tracks that are forgettable.

    Expect #24-1 pretty soon.
  • Saying bad things about my top 20 artists.

    12. Jan. 2008, 19:06

    Time for a new journal, and for this one, I will try and bash my top 20 artists.

    20.Doves - Their vocalist is really not that good at singing.

    19.Masashi Hamauzu - Writes some pretty boring tracks from time to time.

    18.Portishead - Sometimes Beth's vocals go a bit over the top in some songs. That and half of their debut album was boring.

    17.Darkthrone- Everything after Panzerfaust pretty much sucked.

    16.Hitoshi Sakimoto- He seems to be very hit or miss with alot of his work. He has some brilliant work, and some makes me want to tear my eyes out. I'm looking at you FFXII OST.

    15.Amon Amarth - Had a couple of bad albums, but made up for it later. Also Johan's vocals can get kinda jarring.

    14.The Decemberists- Colin gets on my nerves every now and then, plust they have some really horrible tracks.

    13.King Crimson- They have gotten worse with each album, but have not put out a flat out horrible album. And Moonchild is utter trash after 3 minutes in.

    12.Canaan- They are borderline emo with some of their lyrics, and they can't seem to play anything in a new style, a lot of it sounds the same.

    11.Yuki Kajiura - Half of her work on the Xenosaga series was awesome, the other half bored me to tears. She also overuses strings way too much. Not every track needs a violin solo, dammit.

    10.Dream Theater- Labrie sucks as a live vocalist, and he has some cringe-worthy songs he sings. Also, This band is full of guitar and keyboard masturbation. Not every song requires a 5 minute long instrumental passage.

    9.Epica - A lot of their songs sound too much alike, and their male vocalist sucks at growling vocals. They also need to learn to incorporate a few guitar solos every now and then.

    8.Opeth - Lyrical content is all too similar. They also have some really boring songs.

    7.Conception - I do love Roy Khan as a vocalist, but some of his work in Conception is annoyingly high in pitch. Some of their guitar solos are forced into the music. But I do love this band.

    6.Yasunori Mitsuda - The Xenosaga Ep. 1 OST was quite dull for the most part, and some of the tracks from Chrono Cross were terribly cheesy.

    5.Porcupine Tree - Steven Wilson sounds like a little child in some songs. They also have some weird lyrics at times.

    4.Agalloch - I... uh, The Lodge was kinda boring at parts. Man, that's all I got against this band.

    3.Nobuo Uematsu - He got a bit boring with the FFIX OST, but it still had some awesome tracks. His soundtrack for Blue Dragon was a bit dull.

    2.Akira Yamaoka - Most of his work for the original Silent Hill is hard to listen to outside the context of the game. I have to be in a certain mood for that stuff.

    1.Kamelot - Their original vocalist was
    horrible, and since Khan joined Siege Perilous was pretty dull at times.

    Ok, Sorry about that guys, I really love you all, or else you wouldn't be my top 20!
  • What's this, a really long metal survey? Sign me up!

    17. Sep. 2007, 22:17

    Favourite death metal band: Hmm, probably Nile.

    Favourite black metal band: I like a few, but probably Darkthrone.

    Favourite thrash metal band: Not overly big on thrash, but, I would choose Testament.

    Favourite power metal band: Kamelot No question about it.

    Favourite traditional metal band: As cliche as ever, but Iron Maiden

    Favourite doom metal band: Any style of doom? If so, Tyranny

    Favourite Gothic Metal band: If they are considered so, Canaan

    Favourite "other" metal band: I guess this would be a band that has no particular genre? In that case, Agalloch

    Favourite song: A question I cannot answer, for it would be too hard to pick.

    Favourite ballad: Abandoned by Kamelot

    Favourite instrumental: Hmm, cannot decide on one.

    Favourite live album: Alive In Athens, really a brilliant live album.

    Favourite festival: Have not been to any...

    Favourite tour: None really...

    Favourite metal magazine: Don't read them.

    Favourite (male) screamer/growler: Johan Hegg.

    Favourite (male) singer (clean): Roy Khan

    Favourite (female) screamer/growler: Angela Gossow, but don't know too many.

    Favourite (female) singer (clean): Hmm, either Simone Simons of Epica, or Liv Kristine of Leaves' Eyes.

    Most disappointing break-up: Can't say I have one.

    Age you started listening to Metal: Hmm, probably around 16

    What was the first band you listened to?: Metallica, got into them with their self titled.

    Don't lie, do you listen to nu-metal?: I used to, mainly Korn and Disturbed, but not anymore, way past that phase of music.

    Keyboards in metal, yes or no?: Yes.

    Does corpse paint make you "grim" and "true"?: I really don't think pain has any effect on how true or grim you are, and really, I don't know what does.

    Is power metal girly?: No, I don't see anything girly about power metal, really.

    Metallica or Slayer: Slayer.

    Iced Earth or Blind Guardian: Blind Gaurdian.

    The Haunted or At The Gates: At the Gates.

    S.O.D or Anthrax: Anthrax.

    Hammerfall or Stratovarius: I like Stratovarius.

    My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost: My Dying Bride.

    Iron Maiden or Judas Priest: Iron Maiden, I guess.

    In Flames or Dark Tranquillity: Dark Tranquillity. Definately.

    Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth: Cradle of Filth is not close to being good., assuredly Dimmu Borgir

    Ensiferum or Wintersun: Wintersun.

    Carcass or Arch Enemy: Carcass.

    Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse: Morbid Angel.

    Nevermore or Sanctuary: Nevermore.

    Darkthrone or Immortal: Darkthrone.

    Venom or Bathory: Bathory.

    Mayhem or Burzum: Both are overrated, but Mayhem

    Celtic Frost or Hellhammer: Celtic Frost.

    Death or Obituary: Death.

    Testament or Kreator: Testament. But Kreator is good.

    U.S. Black Metal or European Black Metal: European, though some USBM is good.

    Blastbeats or Breakdowns: Both!

    Power Metal or Progressive Metal: Power Metal. I do like both.

    Fates Warning or Dream Theater: Dream Theater

    Benediction or Napalm Death: Napalm Death.

    Judas Iscariot or Nargaroth: Haven't heard either...

    Cynic or Atheist: Cynic.

    Entombed or Dismember: Entombed.

    Helloween or Gamma Ray: Gamma Ray, I really only like 2 Helloween albums.

    Suffocation or Dying Fetus: Suffocation.

    Children of Bodom or Sinergy: Children of Bodom!

    Sepultura or Sarcofago: Sepultura

    King Diamond or Mercyful Fate: Mercyful Fate, thank you.

    Nu Metal or Metalcore: WTF? no question, Metalcore.

    Stockholm metal or Gothenburg metal: Gothenburg, of course.

    Opeth or Katatonia: Cannot I pick both, as they both rule.

    Impaled Nazarene or Beherit: Impaled Nazerene.

    Evergrey or Pain of Salvation: Pain of Salvation, by a long shot.

    Devin Townsend Band or SYL: Devin Townsend

    Marduk or Dark Funeral: Dark Funeral, but both are kinda dull.

    Vital Remains or Deicide: Deicide

    1349 or Emperor: Emperor, amazing band.

    Opeth or Symphony X: Both are awesome, but, Opeth.

    Covenant or The Kovenant: Not familiar with either, really.

    Goregrind or evil Death metal?: Uhh? What, I guess evil death?

    Suicidal Black Metal or Brutal Black Metal?: What Black metal isn't brutal in some way? But, I do like the suicidal BM as well, in my own morbid way.

    Bay Area Thrash or German Thrash?: Bay Area, I guess.

    Gorgoroth or Gaahlskagg?: Gorgoroth

    Myrkskog or Zyklon?: Neither.

    Devildriver or Coal Chamber?: Both suck pretty much.

    Lacuna Coil or Theatre of Tragedy?: Two really overrated goth metal acts, give me none, thanks.

    Woo-hoo, that was a fun waste of time, but It let's you see some of my favorite bands in the metal scene, nonetheless.
  • Here is a list of my top 10 favorite albums...

    31. Aug. 2007, 5:41

    Though this list is never set in stone, I felt the need to write a journal expressing my love for these albums. I almost didn't want to order these numerically, but I will.

    10. In the Court of the Crimson King

    This is a wonderful album, and almost a classic for any fans of prog. rock. From start to finish, this is an album that delivers. My favorite track is Epitaph, which is both a wonderful track musically and lyrically. It holds great emotion. The rest of the tracks are solid to excellent themselves. Moonchild does linger on for a bit, but I can appreciate the idea behind it. The title track is bliss, and the fact that it ends practically 3 times, it just keeps going. A great album.

    9. Still Life

    This was an album that I actually never heard until about a year ago. I knew Opeth, and had Blackwater Park and Damnation, and then I came across this album, and I am glad I did. The Moor is easily among my favorite Opeth tracks, it is pure awesomness from start to finish. Other favorites were... well, just about everything. This is just a solid album from a talented band.

    8.In Absentia

    This was the album that introduced me to Porcupine Tree, and it was a brilliant album. From the Opening track, Blackest Eyes, I was hooked. Trains was a real standout from this album. It just works, even with the banjo solo. Then the album keeps going and really never fails to impress me. The closing track, Collapse the Light Into Earth is damn beautiful. Not Porcupine Tree's best(that is later into the list), but a great album.

    7. Final Fantasy VIII OST

    This was an RPG that had it's ups and downs, but the soundtrack is one I will always remember. From the epic Liberi Fatali, to the nostalgic Ending Theme, this is 4 discs worth of some of the best RPG music, in my opinion. Nobuo Uematsu outdid himself here, and it still holds some of the best battle music for the series. Good, good stuff.

    6. Flow

    Well, I found this album through Kamelot, but it turned out to be a solid piece of Progressive Metal nonetheless. No one track really stands out, but in a good way, the whole album has a good consistency that just impresses me. Good guitar work, great vocals, and solid bass and drum use makes this a great album. Favorite track is probably a tie between Angel (Come Walk With Me) and Cry.

    5. Karma

    My second favorite album from Kamelot, really opens with a trio of great tracks, Forever, Wings of Despair, and The Spell, which are all very good songs, then the rest of the album rocks just a much. The Light I Shine On You is really underrated, and Temples of Gold is probably my favorite Kamelot ballad. They are just impressive in this album, and I keep going back to it.

    4. Signify

    What is probably Porcupine Tree's most underlooked album, I find the true talent of this band comes out. It has some my favorite tracks from the band, Dark Matter, Waiting, Sever, Idiot Prayer, and Every Home is Wired, an album that is progressive as it is melodical. I simply can't point out a bad track on here. Easily my favorite offering from this great band. I would recommend it to any fan of prog.

    3. The Black Halo

    This is my favorite Kamelot album, and the one that got me into this awesome band. The second I put it in, and March of Mephisto began, I was hooked, It has my favorite kamelot track, Memento Mori in it, which is just a track that I cannot express it genius in words. Just listen to it. The album begins with a bang, and finishes with possibly one of my all time favorite colsers, Serenade. The emotion of the lyrics is just phenomenal, and Khan uses his vocal prowess to the max. The whole album is a masterpiece, and my favorite power metal album bar none.

    2. Pale Folklore

    This is literally the soundtrack to winter in my opinion. Agalloch is a band that is love or hate, but to deny that this album is not interesting in some way is a crime. This band creates an atmosphere that few other metal bands can do, one that makes me picture winter through and through. The Melancholy Spirit is perhaps one of my favorite songs ever. You wouldn't know that it lasted 12 minutes, you just want to listen to it again, and again. This my friends, is what music is about. An album that meet and exceeds my expectations.

    Now my friends, we come to that coveted number one spot, and if you look at my top artists, you will notice I did not mention one, who is at my #2 spot on listens... so I present you my number one favorite album.

    1. Silent Hill 2

    Yes, my number one album comes from a videogame, but the sheer perfection of this album never ceases to amaze me. This is 30 tracks of musical bliss that I keep listening to. The man behind this, Akira Yamaoka has a good idea of how to make music have the perfect atmosphere and uses that to craft an image to the music. I would bet even a person who has never played the game could grasp a good sense of what the music is trying to express. From the melancholy tracks such as, Whit Noiz, Day of Night, and Prisonic Fairytale, to the creepy, Betrayal and Silent Heaven, to the sad, True, Promise(Reprise). This album does it all. And to this day, remains a favorite of mine, and probably will forever.

    Well, this was fun, I have many more favorite, but this will do for now. Keep in mind this all opinion so don't take it for being the best albums of all time, that is far too subjective.
  • Because I was Bored, Shuffle Quiz...

    6. Jul. 2007, 8:17

    My first journal, and I thought of nothing better than a shuffle quiz. Forgive me, I was bored.

    My name is:
    Comment: Pretty wicked name, I must say.

    I was born:
    Holding Cells
    Comment:I was born in A holding cell, wow, Couldn't have been just a normal hospital.

    My occupation is:
    Ancient Relics
    Comment: So, my job is looking for Ancient Relics, guess it could be worse. Maybe I'll find something good.

    My 3 major skills are:
    Night is Falling
    Comment: I guess I can cause the night to collapse, what the hell does that even mean.
    Into The Darkness
    Comment: Once again something relating to darkness, Maybe all my skill revolve around night.
    Showing a Smile
    Comment: Didn't know that showing a smile was a major skill. Guess I was wrong.

    But I am also good at:
    The Omniscient
    Comment: Good at being Omniscient, I suppose that is helpful at times. I know everything that is going on.

    My 3 main weaknesses are:
    Comment: Great, now everyone knows that Friday is a big weakness of mine. And shit, tomorrow is Friday too.
    I Stand Nowhere
    Comment: And apparently Standing nowhere is a weakness as well, good thing I usually stand somewhere.
    The Power to Believe IV: Coda
    Comment: And my last weakness, is my power of believing, and the number four. That's cheating, two weaknesses in one song.

    I have been involved in:
    Poisonous Tongues
    Comment: Somehow, I'm not sure I want to know what this means.

    I was voted ____ of the year:
    Humtec Sphere
    Comment: I have no Idea what a Humtec Sphere is, but I was the best of the year! Hell Yes!

    I won second place when I entered a ____ competition:
    Rocket Hanabi
    Yes nothing like second place in a contest involving Rocket Hanabi! I have not clue what it is, but the rocket part sounds like a blast.

    My hobbies include:
    The Eliminating Angel
    Comment: Being an angel who eliminates things? Sign me up!

    My work ethic is all about:
    Play The Game Tonight
    Comment: Screw work, let me play games all night. Now that is what work is all about, mindless fun while making money.

    The personal value I find most important is:
    Comment: Someone who will be my valentine? What. The. Fuck. Guess I'm easy to please.

    3 things that sum up my personality are:
    Genetic Reconstruction
    Comment: Yes, somehow genetics are an integral part of personality, and also a complete breakfast.
    Countdown to Death
    Comment: Also, being morbid and awaiting a countdown to death is a important personality trait as well. Isn't that so neat?
    The Unreachable Salvation
    Comment: So I giess my personality is that of a Morbid, genetics obsessed guy who can't reach any form of salvation, boy, am I a nifty guy or what.

    I have been described by most of my colleagues as:
    Pathogen Bombshell
    Comment: So I'm a bomb that spreads pathogens through the air, take that, all you colleagues!

    My previous bosses all say that I am:
    The Liberation Of Destiny
    Comment: So my bosses think I have the ability to liberate Destiny? Nice to know they think so highly of me.

    Those closest to me talk about how I am:
    Chemical Euphoria
    Comment: Chemical Euphoria? SO my best friends and family think I possess some kind of chemical euphoria, whatever the hell that means.

    To finish this off, I need to say that:
    Call For Poseidon
    Comment: Yes, my final words will call forth Poseidon, and he will wreck destruction upon the planet, watch out pathetic mortals!

    Well, that was random, but I guess that was the point.