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    1. Feb. 2008, 0:14

    Many bands missing due to my forgetfulness.

    Aphex Twin (a guy playing on his macbook for an hour - yawn)
    Asian Dub Foundation
    Atari Teenage Riot
    Beastie Boys
    Bikini Kill
    Bird Blobs
    Bit by Bats
    Black Level Embassy
    Dappled Cities Fly
    Death in Vegas (sucked)
    DJ Shadow
    Foo Fighters
    Future of the Left
    LCD Soundsystem
    Luke Vibert
    Luscious Jackson
    Mclusky <3
    Nine Inch Nails
    Sahara Hotnights
    Screaming Trees
    Sonic Youth
    Stereo Total
    Teenage Fanclub
    The's (Ding Dong was so smoky I was sick for a week)
    The Amps
    The Breeders
    The Chemical Brothers
    The Cruel Sea
    The Fireballs
    The Sleepy Jackson
    The Smallgoods
    The Smashing Pumpkins
    Urge Overkill
    You Am I


    - I won tickets to the '94 Big Day Out from "The Skull Cave" on 3RRR for a fantasy festival lineup I wrote. Highlight was my 14 year old head being stomped on by Docs in the mosh pit for The Breeders and a kind soul helping me up. I was close to Kim Deal, I could smell her cigarette. Bliss.

    - Being one of the few who DIDN'T see THAT Silverchair set at the '95 Big Day Out and seeing The Screaming Trees instead. A guy in the audience was flicking coins at Mark Lanegan and Mark's witty retort was to throw a full 2 litre bottle of water at the guy's head, trashed the instruments and then storm off stage. Awesome.

    - On my birthday, seeing Asian Dub Foundation do their own soundtrack to La Haine on a balmy evening in the Myer Music Bowl

    - Sonic Youth doing a self indulgent 20+ minute version of 'Bull in the Heather', and then Beck coming on right after and started playing the first few lines of the same song. Ha! (@ Summersault festival)

    - Lining up for hours to get into the '00 Big Day Out and then sprinting as fast as we could so we could get up the front for Atari Teenage Riot. Nic Endo is the coolest female in existence.

    - DJ Shadow @ The Forum His first of 2 shows. It's one of the best shows I'm ever likely to see. Midnight In A Perfect World made my spine tingle.

    - mclusky @ Corner Hotel, because they are my favourite band and I love them to pieces. I'm sad they broke up but am pleased that they did while they were still good.

    - Future of the Left @ Northcote Social Club Due to a toe injury, I couldn't stand ) so I sat on a railing the whole night and got an awesome view over the crowd.
    They played everything that I love (pretty easy since they only have one album). Their retorts to the stupid heckling bogans in the crowd were priceless.
    I was dying for them to play a Mclusky song, but doubted they would given the less than amicable breakup. But then, when returning from encore, they announced that even though we didn't deserve it, they were going to play it anyway, and then launched into the EXACT song I had been longing to hear: Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues. I can die happy now. I left the gig sweaty, hoarse and ecstatic.
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    31. Jan. 2008, 21:08

    Wow, loved the show.

    I find it refreshing that James is devoid of pretension.
    I guess I should have expected that , considering his lyrics are self deprecating at times.

    Set list was excellent, a good mix of new and old. I particularly loved ''Someone Great' , 'All My Friends', 'Tribulations' , 'NY Scum' ,'Yeah' and "NY I love you' (PERFECT choice to end the show). The low for me was 'Daft Punk Is Playing At My House' - I felt like it was put in because they felt they had to, and that they rushed through it.

    Pretty much every song that manages to stick in my brain like a virus was played. I loved seeing everyone freak out with happiness when they played a teaser of one of the 'Someone Great' bleeps.

    I've read a few critics bagging out James' singing, but I think his voice was excellent, his version of 'NY I love you' was 10x better than the recorded version. Damn impressive in my opinion, especially after doing the screaming vocals on 'Yeah'.

    His musicians are stellar. The drummer managed to keep a perfect beat, that man is a drum machine! Guitar was fabulous, Synth was also great, and I love her raw vocals, very reminiscent of Atari Teenage Riot.
    I admit I was a bit worried, as some electronic heavy acts don't translate well live. In particular, Death in Vegas and Aphex Twin come to mind (honestly, if I want to spend a couple of hours looking at someone tooling around on a macbook, I'll look in the mirror)

    Also - the lighting was the best I've ever seen at The Forum. Good people watching. I still don't know how some of those skinny guys fit into their jeans. Do they keep themselves bedridden for months to achieve just the right amount of muscle wastage? There was a blend of people there, and I think that although people were enjoying the music for different reasons, they were all enjoying it.

    Admittedly, a couple of songs were brought down by a few people in the audience who felt the need to talk/yell at each other the whole time. I wonder if people like that fell they got their $60 worth. I moved away and was glad I did.

    All in all I came away very happy and I know I'll be thumping out a lot of the beats from last night on my bike handlebars while riding to work today.

    LCD Soundsystem
    LCD Soundsystem - Thursday 31 January 2008 at Forum Theatre