• Today I wrote a song...

    29. Nov. 2006, 20:00

    Well, it's not finished yet, but I think it's going to be great. It's called "Everyday" - well, I know it doesn't sound very original, but the meaning is rather important for me.

    Actually, I wasn't going to write about that song, but about the things that led to writing it.

    I'm sure many of you (whoever will read this, if anyone will) have already felt that feeling, that you begin to feel like the world was kinda' static. You walk around the same old places, meet the same old people. Nothing is changing, and you realize you live in repetition, you're like caught in a trap and you can't get out of it. Well, that was how I felt today, and by putting my thoughts on the paper I helped myself to go on.

    This world is binding you. It's full of restrictions and stereotypes. It's really sad, that most of the times all you can see around you is hatred and sorrow. Broken families, people with no home, murders, suicides... people lose their minds, they lose control, they lose themselves and their lives...

    I'm an agnostic, therefore I don't believe in any prescriptions about how the world is supposed to look. And yet I feel it's shouldn't be like this. People of this world can't live like this - they can't survive like this.

    You can change it, if you want. All you can do is to break out of the cycle. Fight everyday by enjoying your life and thinking for yourself. And never lose control. This is an advice, not an order, you don't have to accept it, of course - but please, think about it.

    Maybe you think that this world is doomed. I say it's not too late. If you won't to make a change, you have to stand up and do it on your own. And even little things matter... like these few lines, I hope.

    Cheers... and have a nice day...
  • I just...

    28. Nov. 2006, 20:38

    ...didn't like the fact that the journal is empty. Wanted to drop a few senseless lines. That's all. Really. Don't worry, be happy. Bye.