Weezer - Raditude


1. Nov. 2009, 23:26


1 (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

Nice Pop-Rock-Song. It doesn't grab me as much as Weezers greatest, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. 8/10

2 I'm Your Daddy

Nice Chorus. As usual, I don't like Weezer rapping, but this one's better than Troublemaker or Beverly Hills. 5/10

3 The Girl Got Hot

Reminds me of Everybody Get Dangerous. Didn't like that one either. 3/10

4 Can't Stop Partying

Best Track of the Album. Unusual, with a lot of Electronics, reminds me a bit of This Is Such A Pity. I'm not too fond of Lil Waynes part, but it doesn't harm the song a lot. 9/10

5 Put Me Back Together

Typical Weezer Song, a bit in the tradition of in the garage maybe, and while not nearly as great as that one or anything else from the blue album, I like it. 7/10

6 Tripping Down the Freeway

Another pretty typical Weezer-song. 6/10

7 Love Is The Answer

I actually kind of like the backup singer and the whole Indian feel... however the song is so bad that it doesn't make much of a difference. 2/10

8 Let It All Hang Out

If Rivers has to write a rap-influenced song, this is how it should sound like... This rocks. 8/10

9 In The Mall

Don't really like this one. 3/10

10 I Don't Want To Let You Go

Nice Ballad. 7/10

11 Turn Me Round

This is a Bonus Track here in Europe... but dear Americans, you didn't miss out on anything of value. 1/10

Limited Bonus EP:

1 Get Me Some

Neat Rock Track. I love the guitar rock-out during the chorus. 7/10

2 Run Over By A Truck

Something with Piano. And Rap. Pretty untypical for Weezer, but it works very well. 7/10

3 The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World

Most of the Old School Weezer Fans will say that this one's the best, mostly because it's 12 years old. I don't agree... I think it's pretty bland, it lacks melodys. 4/10

4 The Underdogs

I'd call this a less amazing version of The Angel And The One from the last album. Ballad with a lot of build up. But it doesn't really catch me. 4/10

Summary: A lot of nice songs, some fillers and Can't Stop Partying as the only one that I'd call great. Different to the Red Album which felt kind of fragmented, with very different songs and great and hopeless songs, this one works ok from start to finish. Raditude is a pretty good title I think, the whole thing is a bit in the Troublemaker mold, Partyrocksongs with a bit of rapping here and there, but I actually like a lot of these songs better than Troublemaker itself.

Obviously, this one is no new blue album or Pinkerton and not even close, probably not even another green, but it's OK.
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