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Mumford & SonsBelieve 14. Jun., 6:11
The JezabelsA Little Piece 14. Jun., 6:07
Agnes ObelRiverside 14. Jun., 6:03
Nick DrakePink Moon 14. Jun., 6:01
Night Terrors of 1927When You Were Mine (feat. Tegan & Sara) 14. Jun., 5:57
Imagine DragonsI Bet My Life 14. Jun., 5:54
The Black AtlanticAn Ocean and Peril 14. Jun., 5:51
AzediaRemain As You Are 14. Jun., 5:45
Slow MagicGirls 14. Jun., 5:41
SheppardGeronimo - Matoma Remix 14. Jun., 5:37
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Über mich

Me? My music taste is very strange, i like many forms of music, except for country and screamo...

I love techno, folk, pop, Hip Hop, the collective bubble known as Indie Music, rock, Ambient, J-pop, Some Classical, Soundtracks, and so on and so forth on a semi equal basis, with Techno/folk/indie Spearheading the whole operation...

...and lately I have really been more into electro-pop, anti-folk, electronic ambient, some dubstep, and some Indie-rock. I tend to change what I listen to very quickly, though...

well, that's my musical Self... I'm afraid I cannot divulge any more information...