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Über mich

When the sun was down and I sat by my bed I never thought that happyness was about the mere talking to someone who could not only shed my tears, but bring me an intense joy. I thought happyness was about everything going well with me and I never thought about everything going that way for someone else.
And just when I felt that my world was coming to resume itself in only me and what I know and the very little I feel, I was introduced with a new acquaintance that took me from safe to wild. From tears to smile to intense tears again. And the little me could sense that a imense thing, even bigger than my insignificant being, was growing inside of my every fiber.
And it burst into the most bold, unique and strong feeling.
So Love, mostly known by my heart as You, was in every thought of my day, from the enthusiastic awakening to the sad night, where I had to leave you. But never really did, not even in my dreams.


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