drowning time...


29. Mär. 2009, 0:11

Music drowns out the sometimes unpleasant sounds of everyday life and its existence... time goes on whether we want it to or not.... time and life just reminds us that nothing is so permanent that it can't be changed but sometimes reminding is not enough... we are all lost most of the time in our life... its just a journey and we are all just passing through...


  • Marmot14

    You make this sound sad. Not all who wander are lost. Not all change is bad nor must it always be difficult. Music shares the emotion of the journey in a way appealing to the soul of the listener. It is audio empathy. It softens the lows and amplifies the highs. Nothing says "car trip" like Golden Earring. Nothing eases lamentations like Johny Cash. Angry at your boss? Metallica. Want to hear a good story? Billy Joel, Cat Stevens, Henry Chapin. And what says "kegger" better than AC/DC, even to this day? Life is what exists so that I may have a soundtrack. What is the weight stopping you from reaching the air at the surface? When was the last time you listened to The Wall? Gilmore always brings me up and the album mirrors changing of mood. First suffer. Then build a wall. Finally, tear down the wall. You know even Green Day tackles this. What do you listen to bring your mood back up? Oh, I do hope you have a better day today. :-)

    9. Apr. 2009, 8:57
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