• I'm Gonna List All the Bands I've Seen.

    1. Okt. 2008, 22:07

    A Kiss Could Be Deadly - Opened for MSI in Sacto, better than London, but nothing i pursued listening to.

    Above and Beyond - Amazing live, crowd definitely went wild for Anjunabeats. Paavo was great to talk to after the show.

    Armin van Buuren - Stood by the speaker the whole time, messed my left ear up but great set.

    ATB - Andre is definitely a class act. Loved everything he played, great energy throughout the crowd, was definitely feeling this.

    BB King - A concert I don't remember much of, but i wish i did. I was 8. It was free, so, yeah, plus it was BB King so i think it was awesome. Didn't know much of the songs at the time since i hadn't listened to him before, but it was cool. Some other people plays but i forgot who.

    Beach Boys - First concert, was like 8 years old so i don't remember much. It was free so it couldn't of been horrible. They did a lot of classics and I remember i didn't care after a while and focused more on the beach balls going on in the lower deck.

    Benny Benassi - He was an hour late but he definitely delivered some jams.

    Birthday Massacre, The (2x)- At first, I didn't know what to think. I thought they were going to suck after everyone told me they did. But after seeing them twice, I don't think they're half bad. It's one of those bands i'll listen to on and off whenever, but not all the time.

    Blink 182 - Impressive after all these years.

    Booker T. and the MGs - I went to a Nascar race in sonoma and they opened and played a couple songs. They played Green Onions, i wasn't suspecting them to play, so it was cool

    Boom Jinx - Opened for Above and Beyond, great set from what I saw.

    Boys Noize - I believe i missed DJ AM to see these guys and it was definitely worth it, even if it means i will never see DJ AM again.

    Bravery, The - Holy shit. This was awesome. The venue only charge $12 dollars a ticket in advance so i jumped on it. Got a shirt, while the opening bands played, they weren't good at all, but the Bravery blew me away. They flew a guitar pick at me and it hit me in the head and fell to the ground, luckily my friend's cell phone light was so bright that he found it and gave me it.

    Breathe Carolina - I heard they were dicks to my friend's band they played with, they wouldn't move their tour bus so they could park in their spot, and the guys in the band were being dicks i guess. Plus the music just sucked.

    Brokencyde - Played with VF, horrible.

    Buddy Guy - Played with BB King, don't remember much since i was little, but i bet i think it was good.

    Cab, The - Opened for Cobra Starship, just don't like them.

    Chester French - Shit. Did some 80s covers which were very facepalm worthy.

    Chris Issak - He played at a Nascar race in Sonoma. It was unsuspected. It was OK, nothing i'd pay to see. He played Wicked Game, SF Days, SF Nights, and Bad Thing, so at least he wasn't playing anything new.

    Cobra Starship - This was an awesome show. They sold out tickets but luckily i got in through the front door paying 2 dollars extra for my ticket ($14). Merch was cool, crowds were fucking lame. Got in front for some of the opening acts but everyone was pushing near their act. Gabe didn't come out and sign my poster though :(

    Dada Life - Fantastic opener for Tiesto. Didn't know much about them at the time i saw them, but they have some amazing material.

    David Guetta - Great at Electric Daisy, just hope the fame doesn't get the best of him, I'd love to see him again.

    Deadmau5 (3x) - He has some hits, I'll give him that. I definitely love seeing him live with that maushead, and the work he does with Tommy Lee sounds good.

    Dyloot feat Deep Voices (alotx) - He plays every damn show around here, he has good sets, but I'm dylooted out.

    Ferry Corsten - Seen twice now and each time was more amazing then the last.

    Fischerspooner - I didn't know he was even playing, set was aiiight, didn't play any of his original stuff.

    Groove Armada - Nothing too interesting when I saw them.

    Hyper Crush - They played with Vyncent Flaw, did an awesome set. They had strobe lights and everything was spot on. I would of got a shirt, but had no money, and I didn't like some of the designs.

    Infected Mushroom (2x) - Lost a $200 camera during the set at EDC from jumping so much, impressive.

    Judge Jules - Great first Northern Cali appearance, crowd loved him.

    Kaskade - My favorite trance/house artist period. When I heard Kaskade was doing a set at Daisy, i knew i had to go. Delivered many hits off Strobitelite Seduction, definitely seeing again.

    Kill Paradise - Played with Vyncent Flaw, i actually discovered him by accident on some blog so i was amazed he had a show with them. It was cool, i met him, got a shirt, performance was ok, not as good as the cd though.

    London After Midnight - Opened for MSI, i'm just going to say this: No.

    Markus Schulz - Not remembering much and didn't know much about him at the time, but was definitely digging his set.

    mc chris - One of the best shows i've been too. Got to meet him, talk to him, get a picture, and autographed my poster. Then he performed and did a bunch of songs I liked. I can't wait till he comes back to my area.

    Menno de Jong - Played the side room at an event i went to and was definitely feeling his set, outdid Deadmau5 and anyone i saw that night.

    Metro Station - They opened for Cobra. The only reason i wanted to see them was because Miley Cyrus' brother was in the band, and even he is annoying. The band sounded like their cd, so, they weren't bad, but it just isn't my kind of music.

    Millionaires, The - Played with VF, Whorrible

    Mike Koglin - Played some great remixes.

    Mindless Self Indulgence (2x) - Saw them twice during the If tour. It was awesome. SanFran crowd was kinda obnoxious with their pushing and stepping on my heels, but the Sacto crowd was nice. Got to meet jimmy and he autographed a dollar for me. My friend directed their new video so it was cool to see them live after to being in it.

    Mount Eerie - Meh, just wanted Why? to come on.

    No Doubt - Pretty cool to see live. Definitely haven't lost their spark.

    of Montreal - (Nov. 21st, 2008)

    Paramore - Saw one song, went to go wait in a line to meet the Sounds, a much better band.

    Paul Oakenfold - From what i saw when i was leaving the beginning of his set to go to another stage was aiiight, some RHCP mashup, sad to miss the whole thing, heard it was good.

    Paul van Dyk - Good stuff. Last to play and i was tired that night but great set.

    Peachcake - Some electro band that played with Vyncent Flaw one time. I didn't know much about them upon seeing them, but they did a great set. They ran around everyone after forcing us to make a circle with our hands, they had blow up trees, and the lead guy sang into my face which was then splattered with saliva and sweat, that wasn't very good. Also found out they were sponsored by Jones Soda.

    Piebald - Played after mc, they also performed PWOM with him. Good for the parts i saw, my ride was leaving so i couldn't stay. They broke up the next year though.

    Rank 1 - Great dj set, remix of In and Out of Connection was sick.

    Richard Durand - Impressive energy in the room, Durand delivered every song i expected to hear.

    Rush - Awesome! Got to go for free. They ran out of medium shirts but that was cool. They played all their hits, lots of the new cd which wasn't bad, good display, laser show, loved it. Would go again.

    Sander van Doorn (2x) - Apple, apple, apple! Impressive and pretty underrated.

    Secretions, The - I guess they're pretty popular and are from my area. They're pretty good, just not into punk much.

    Serengetti & Polyphonic - I liked em. Great opener for Why?.

    Sex Tape Scandal - My first local band concert. Attended a couple shows, every show was more better than the last...until they broke up.

    Story of the Year - Shit.

    Streets of Nowhere - They played on the mc chris bill, yet, i they just didn't belong on it, they weren't good either.

    Switches - Opened for Bravery, only liked one song.

    Tiesto (2x)- Seen twice now, definitely gets better after every show. Each set surprises me with what he decides to play.

    Vyncent Flaw - Favorite local band. Every show is mind blowing, energetic, and awesome.

    We Are the Kings - Opened for Cobra Starship, just don't like them.

    Weezer - They played some awesome songs, almost outdid Blink 182.

    Why? (2x) - It was cool, got to meet Jonah at the merch stand who sold me my shirt, Yoni was walking around, drinking at the bar, ect. Milkshakes at the venue were good. Band was awesome, played a lot of elephant eyelash and alopecia.