Puppen 1992 - 2002


6. Nov. 2007, 1:57

Puppen was build upon heavy music & community platform. The band represent the term independent music in Indonesia. Started in 1992, Puppen went from unknown to the highest paid unsigned band in 2004 where they held a reunion concert at Pangudi Luhur high school Jakarta, the annual high school gig which also play a big part on Puppen's history. Even now the band is disbanded, the legacy is still live in its fans vein. I'm a a big fans of Puppen myself.


  • aokhi

    Saya juga loh, Kang Rob. I'M A BIG FANS OF PUPPEN. Semenjak high school sampe era bubaran juga hingga era sekarang. There's no other seminal Indo's HC remain true with its words. Reuni sembunyi-sembunyi aja, ongkirnya juga jangan semahal di PL dong, Buqiet Skatepark juga jadi lah ;))

    16. Aug. 2009, 13:16
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