KAOS 89.3 FM Classics

I solicited tracks for this playlist from a few former KAOS djs, such as Brooks, Paul Shrug, Rob Keefe and others I am forgetting now. This is also a very biased list, since there are a lot of other beloved KAOS songs that I don't care for that I chose not to include.
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Titel Dauer
1 Andreas Dorau & Die MarinasFred vom Jupiter Loved track 2:37
2 New Bad ThingsThe I Suck 3:56
3 Benettdon't mention disco Loved track
4 3PuenSugar Cookie Loved track 3:47
5 Steve FiskDonna Summer On The Radio
6 The Legendary Jim Ruiz GroupMy Bloody Yugo 2:45
7 Bob McFadden & DorThe Mummy 2:00
8 Lou & Peter BerrymanWhy Am I Painting the Living Room? 3:57
9 People Like Us & Kenny GSo Sorry
10 SebadohGimme Indie Rock 3:25
11 Tim SchreiberBooty Don't Stop 1:37
12 Gloria BalsamFluffy 3:56
13 MirahCold Cold Water 5:15
14 Takako MinekawaFantastic Cat 3:58
15 NegativlandPiece a Pie 8:38
16 QuintronDungeon Master Loved track 5:09
17 DJ Carhouse & MC HellshitI Don't Like Ho-Hey 2:41
18 Head And LegThe Hits Keep Comin' 6:43
19 Gary Wilson6.4 = Make Out 5:00
20 CrayonThe Snap-tight Wars 4:00
21 Land of the LoopsMulti-Family Garage Sale Loved track 3:33


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