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    1. Jul. 2009, 10:06

    Golau GlauSoft Silver Young (NET001)

    01. Soft Silver Young
    02. Heartland Half Seizure

    We formed at the beginning of June and have been writing lots of songs. We record everything at home on computers. We collect sounds we find interesting and record them with an iPod and put them into the tracks with all sorts of electronic trickery. All our songs are about real events or things that interest us generally, not love songs or songs about how miserable we are or how to do a funny dance or anything, and the words can sometimes be abstract but always have meaning as well as sounding musical.

    ‘Soft Silver Young’ is loosely based on the family who jumped off Beachy Head recently with their young son, who had died from illness, in a rucksack with some of his toys.

    ‘Heartland Half Seizure’ is about Oswald Mosley and Jeffrey Hamm and the anti-fascist riot in Tonypandy in 1936.

    Download full release with artwork in a ZIP file from

    Released 1st July 2009