JD Green, 32, Weiblich, Vereinigte Staaten
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Brandon WilliamsI Love You (feat. Anesha & Casey Benjamin) 29. Dez. 2014
Janelle MonáeViolet Stars Happy Hunting! (Single) 29. Dez. 2014
Janelle MonáeDance Apocalyptic 29. Dez. 2014
Janelle MonáeSuite V Electric Overture 29. Dez. 2014
D'Angelo1000 Deaths 29. Dez. 2014
D'AngeloAnother Life 29. Dez. 2014
D'AngeloTill It's Done (Tutu) 29. Dez. 2014
D'AngeloAin't That Easy 28. Dez. 2014
D'AngeloBetray My Heart 28. Dez. 2014
D'AngeloSugah Daddy 28. Dez. 2014
D'AngeloThe Door 28. Dez. 2014
RaffiFive Little Frogs 22. Nov. 2014
Femi KutiOyimbo 11. Mär. 2014
Fela KutiSorrow Tears and Blood 11. Mär. 2014
Bobby WomackSomeday We'll All Be Free 14. Jul. 2013
Teena MarieSomeday We'll All Be Free - 1981/Live In Long Beach, CA 14. Jul. 2013
Rahsaan PattersonThe Moment 1. Jul. 2013
BilalBack To Love 1. Jul. 2013
Jill ScottOne Time 1. Jul. 2013
BilalBack To Love 1. Jul. 2013
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Über mich

JD Green is a classically trained vocalist with a love for all things funky, soulful, & free. She is a performing songwriter from the old school of spirituals & roots music, stomp-yo-foot blues; of the pocket & a funky groove; sweet ballads; jazz standards, something to pop your fingers & shake your head to. She loves to explode & recombine musical categories while always holding onto the essential kernels of a song's integrity, seeking always to connect to folk on the level of soul.

A Detroit native, and Louisville transplant, JD draws on a rich musical legacy in the making of her music. Diurnal: Movements, her debut album, concerns itself with time & seasons in our relationships & our lives. Sister JD is a musician’s musician, a long-time lover of music. She loves to explore the nuances of improvisation and isn’t afraid of the unaccompanied voice. In session recordings, as in her live performances, JD Green uses her voice to engage, encourage, & transform.

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