• Queensday festival announcec the fist few names

    24. Jan. 2008, 21:52

    It takes a while until thé Queensday Festival 2008 starts, but the machine has begun rolling already and the first band is confirmed. This Austalian duo that excist of Sam Agostino and Andy Moore brings us fucked-up blues-punk, the finest dirty punk ever. Who has seen the boys live knows they can easily wrap a gigantic group with the two of them..,

    A live review of a show at The Tote Hotel in Victoria:
    "Digger and the Pussycats swaggered onto stage just as the closing credits of The Bill were ceasing to roll. One of the many attributes I admire about Digger is its ability to turn on, power up and scream off. Sam Agostino rips into his guitar with the some arrogant juvenile aplomb as a teenager at the wheel of a hotted up Commodore. One quick turn of the key and the Digger mobile is hurtling down the garage rock highway. Agostino thrashes his guitar to the point of malfunction, forced to call in a substitute half way through the set; on drums Andy Moore is the proverbial cat on the hot tin roof, jumping, squirming, shouting and spitting. The stage banter is the discourse of home-erotic garage rock – suggestions of intra-band sodomy, allegations of extra-band infidelity and more double entrendes than you can throw a hot and juicy sausage at. Suddenly the Digger mobile screeches to a halt and the set is over, the smell of Digger's smoking tyres still lingering in the atmosphere for many moments yet."

    Digger and the Pussycats

    The Queensday Festival is proud to announce the Black Halos return to Venlo. After a tour of six weeks with Social D. in the USA they will now tour Europe on their own to promote their new record "We Are Not Alone", on the legendary Subpop label.
    Accelerating hearts, red blossoms on cheeks, all signs of a Black Halos show. Billy Hopeless stole the hearts of many girls – and boys. We don't need no more reason to ask them back.

    Dirty glam-punkrock from Canada, that's all you need.

    Live-recensie from
    Champions of the rock, the Black Halos put on a mesmerizing show packing in as much energy as possible into their half-hour set. Lead singer Billy Hopeless was a raging maniac, frantically whipping his black feather boa and crawling around the saliva covered stage as the rest of the band proceeded to lay the rock down."
    Black Halos

    We're happy too with this group of broken-loose punks that nevertheless play bluegrass. They call if streetgrass by the way: bluegrass with street credibility. Although bluegrass is synonym for the basic-style for country and western, and thus a very conservative faction, the .357 Stringband totally change this image. No strict rules, no god-fearing-creatures and no neat behaviour at all.

    This heavily tattooed group from Milwaukee, Wisconsin brings us the highly needed portion of banjos and mandolins. Think of groups such as the Hackensaw Boys and Those Legendary Shack*Shakers. After a record on Rosa Records and a successful tour in October 2007, now the Queensday Festival welcomes them.

    The .357 Stringband