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Über mich

Hi, my name is Caroline and I have Obsessive Scrobbling Syndrome.

Things I like:
Music, photography, Honey Loops, my MacBook, Google Chrome, badges, scones, shubunkins, wearing t-shirts in the summer, seeing people make hand gestures when on the phone, watching films, sitting in wardrobes, folding leaves, Yorkie bars, Guy Goma, jaunty angles, free things, goodfish, Holgas, homos, looking at people's bald patches from the top deck of a bus, Malibu and lemonade, when books are all the same height, chocolate raisins, London, Bad Girls, your mum, vanilla vodka, the word 'sinister', Obamacorns, when things go right, making lists, D.E.B.S., watching people slip on ice, Mini Eggs, the cold side of the pillow, birthdays, looking at people's shoes on the tube.

Things I dislike:
Cold days, waiting, living with my parents, headaches, series 8 of Bad Girls, DRM, character assassination of Jodi, having bowling balls dropped on my feet, cleaning ovens, people who spell colour as color, naked men, hayfever, not being able to scrobble, Shenny, CD sleeves that don't fit into a standard CD rack, lateness, numb feet, having to walk to the supermarket at 10pm for milk, not being able to afford amazing Nike ID shoes, walking on wet leaves, delays on the tube, Windows, things I want but don't have, granny because she's a bitch, D. Gibbons because he's a bad man, sandy beaches, losing The Game, Comic Sans, bigots, waking up early.

I feel like I would like me if I met me.