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Alva NotoXerrox Monophaser 3 25. Jan., 19:27
Alva NotoXerrox Tek Part 1 25. Jan., 19:21
Alva NotoXerrox Teion Acat 25. Jan., 19:15
Alva NotoXerrox Teion 25. Jan., 19:10
Alva NotoXerrox Monophaser 2 25. Jan., 19:08
Blonde RedheadAnticipation 24. Jan., 21:24
Blonde RedheadFalling Man 24. Jan., 21:20
Blonde RedheadMisery Is a Butterfly 24. Jan., 21:16
Blonde RedheadDoll Is Mine 24. Jan., 21:11
Blonde RedheadMelody 24. Jan., 21:08
Blonde RedheadMessenger 24. Jan., 21:03
Blonde RedheadElephant Woman 24. Jan., 21:00
TinariwenImidiwan Afrik Tendam 24. Jan., 20:53
NeurosisFalling Unknown 24. Jan., 13:39
NeurosisA Sun That Never Sets 24. Jan., 13:28
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Über mich

Anselm Kiefer “Starfall”

Last night I dreamt that I had died.
But I could see, or rather feel,
what was going on around me.
I felt I had no strength or will,
I was only capable of witnessing
my own death, my own corpse.
Above all, I could feel in my dream
something long forgotten, something
that had not happened to me for a long time -
the feeling that it was not a dream but real.
It is such a powerful sensation
that a wave of sadness fills your soul,
of pity for yourself, and a strange,
as it were aesthetic way of seeing your own life.
When you feel compassion for yourself in that way,
it is as if your pain were someone else’s.
and you are looking at it from outside,
weighing it up, and you are beyond
the bounds of what used to be your life.
It was as if my past life was a child’s life,
without experience, unprotected.
Time ceases to exist, and fear.
An awareness of immortality.

Andrei Tarkovsky "Dream"



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