How eclectic is the musical preference of littlestar19?


6. Aug. 2009, 15:35

Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at

My eclectic score is currently


The 95 related artists for my profile are Alice in Chains, Alien Sex Fiend, And One, Angelfish, Apoptygma Berzerk, Arctic Monkeys (2), Assemblage 23, Auf der Maur, Ayria, Barenaked Ladies, Bat for Lashes, Bauhaus (3), Bella Morte, Belle and Sebastian, Ben Gibbard, Big Wreck, Blutengel, Bright Eyes, Bruderschaft, Bush, Camouflage, Candlebox, Cat Power, Covenant, Daniel Lioneye, Dave Gahan, De/Vision (2), Diorama, Ego Likeness, Emilie Autumn, Fields of the Nephilim, Franz Ferdinand, Future Bible Heroes, Grinderman, Helalyn Flowers, I Mother Earth, I:Scintilla, Iggy Pop, Jeff Martin, John Linnell, John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey, Joy Division, Kaiser Chiefs (2), Kasabian, Lemon Demon, Lou Reed, Lovex, Martin L. Gore, Mesh, Moist, Mono Puff, Moxy Früvous, Negative, Nick Cave, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, No Doubt, Peter Heppner, Recoil, Republica, Rosetta Stone, Roxy Music, Seabound, Siouxsie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Stephin Merritt, Stone Temple Pilots, T. Rex, The 69 Eyes, The 6ths, The Armada, The Birthday Party, The Boys Next Door, The Cardigans, The Creatures, The Decemberists, The Dissociatives, The Fratellis, The Glove, The Gothic Archies, The Killers, The Kooks, The Last Dance, The Mission, The Postal Service, The Shins, The Sisterhood, The Sisters of Mercy, The Strokes, ThouShaltNot, Tin Machine, Tori Amos, Vanity Beach, Ville Valo, X-Mal Deutschland


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