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Taylor SwiftThis Love 26. Nov., 4:09
Taylor SwiftHow You Get the Girl 26. Nov., 4:05
Taylor SwiftWildest Dreams 26. Nov., 4:01
Taylor SwiftWonderland 26. Nov., 3:57
Taylor SwiftClean 26. Nov., 3:57
Taylor SwiftClean 26. Nov., 3:52
Taylor SwiftI Know Places (Voice Memo) 26. Nov., 3:49
Taylor SwiftNew Romantics Lieblingslied 26. Nov., 3:46
The KillersOn Top 26. Nov., 1:58
The KillersAndy, You're a Star 26. Nov., 1:54
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Über mich

-i'm an hsp (highly sensitive person) & i have social anxiety. but, they don't define me. i'm complex, deep, & introverted. but i have a totally different, outgoing side that only a few people have seen.
--i have extremely low self esteem.
-all of my friends are online.
-i hardly ever go out, because i dont have anyone to go out with.
-i haven't been to a party of any kind since i was 11.
-i have an unhealthy obsession with anything virgin suicides related.
-i've been a vegetarian literally all my life.
-i write poetry/prose.
-i have an obsession with nick drake. i'm convinced that if i'd had the opportunity to know him in this life, i would've fallen deeply in love with him. <3
-music & books are my sustenance.
-i couldn't live without my ipod.
-nylon magazine makes me happy all over.
-i have an obsessive personality.
-i love photoraphy & old photos.
-i'm obsessed with anything antique or from a bygone era. especially anything from the '60s-'80s, & the victorian era.
-my soul is not part of this generation - the majority of my generation sickens/horrifies me.
-i am completely controlled & overwhelmed by my emotions.
-i love animals & i hate anyone who abuses them.
-i'm a romantic/dreamer.
-i exist almost entirely in my own inner world/thoughts.
-i love the smell of chlorine, freshly cut grass, & freezers.
-i enjoy sucking the ketchup out of those little packets they have at fast food restaurants.
-i worship at the alter of mr. andy warhol.
-jeff buckley's voice makes me melt.

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