The 2006 lily_ac_milan [courtesy of Time Man] awards


20. Jan. 2007, 20:42

Thanks to my friend TimeMan, from who I stole the idea [yeah, I'm a poser :))].


The "This is me" award
Nominees: Winter Lady, Killer Queen, Lady in black
Winner: Lady in black

The "This band is boring, but I liked it once" award.
Nominees: Led Zeppelin, Yes, Hammerfall
Winner: Led Zeppelin

The "I don't actually like this song, but I still listen to it" award.
Nominees:Jerk It Out, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas,Sunetul mai tare
Winner:Jerk It Out

The "Woo this song makes me happy" award
Nominees:All Star, Don't Stop At The Top, Un'Emozione Per Sempre
Winner:Don't Stop At The Top

The "This is obsessive" award
Nominees:Losing My Religion, The Trooper, Lost Without You
Winner: Lost Without You

The "This brings back memories..." award
Nominees: Bed Of Nails, One Year of Love, Abracadabra

The "I hate this song because I hate you...or probably not" award
Nominees:Blind, Epilog, Forever and One

The "If I ever let you go, I'll listen to this song...I'll listen to this song anyway" award
Nominees: Too Much Love Will Kill You, Lithium, Song to Say Goodbye
Winner: Too Much Love Will Kill You

The "I listened to too much of this and now I'm sick of it" award
Nominees:Zombie, Take Away My Pain, Cherry

The "I listen to this when I wanna kill people' award
Nominees:Seek&destroy, Pain, Hate Me!

The "I absolutely adore this song" award
Nominees: Who Wants to Live Forever, The Bitter End,The Trooper, Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Winner:can't decide; I'm a girl, what do you expect? :))

The "These are my friends" award(s)
n03ml:Vama Veche && Freak
Irina:Have A Nice Day
Alex:The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
Mihnea:P.I.M.P. =)) Ok, it's Pretty Fly
Pink ;) :Poison

That was all...actually, I'll make a sequel soon.


  • TimeMan

    Weeeeeeeeee :D It's actually much better than mine.

    20. Jan. 2007, 20:51
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