• "Hi, we're Alice in Chains..."

    14. Jun. 2007, 11:34

    Sat 9 Jun – Brand New

    Where to start with this?

    The line-up outside was pretty okay, I'd battled through floods on the central coast and there was no way I was not going to make this show. We sat and talked and I laughed when Jesse walked past, asking "Do those doors open? No? How do I get in?" When the barriers went up, everyone stood up, never mind there still being two hours to go before the doors even OPENED. Some inconsiderate people were smoking, that was fairly shit.

    Doors opened, walked in, got a good spot - second row, right in the middle. While waiting for the support band, The Paper & The Plane, to come on, got a phone call from Virgin Blue letting me know my flight the next morning was cancelled. Palmed it off onto my mother who sorted it out. Paper and the Plane came on, I was very pleasantly surprised at how good they were. I really enjoyed their set, even if it creeped me out a little because their singer looks almost exactly like my cousin, but a bit taller.

    Waiting for Brand New to come on. Explosions in the Sky playing over the PA, that was another pleasant surprise. Talked to the people around me. Crowd started pushing and I got ready for Brand New.

    They came out, started with Jaws Theme and worked their way through the setlist, adding in little gems like Seventy Times 7 and Jude Law for us, coming to a close of the first half with Play Crack The Sky. During intermission, a few of us started singing Soco Amaretto Lime. Watched Brand New watch us sing. They came back out, started with Welcome To Bangkok, Jesse did a short cover of Green Day's Basket Case while the tech set up his guitar stand for Limousine. That was pretty funny. "No, no happy songs. I play sad, sad bastard music."

    Finished the night with You Won't Know which was beautiful. They completely blew away my expectations, and the crowd (for the most part) was absolutely lovely. Going backstage and meeting them, too, was wonderful, they are the sweetest, kindest, most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    Full setlist:
    Jaws Theme Swimming
    Sic Transit Gloria
    Me vs Maradona vs Elvis
    The Shower Scene
    The No Seatbelt Song
    Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't
    The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
    Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
    Seventy Times Seven
    Play Crack The Sky
    Welcome To Bangkok
    Sowing Season (Yeah)
    The Archers Bows Are Broken
    Basket Case (Green Day cover)
    Jesus Christ
    You Won't Know

    They left me speechless and made me even more excited for Brisbane the next day.
  • "Play Brontosaurus!"

    14. Jun. 2007, 11:32

    Sun 10 Jun – Brand New, The Paper & The Plane

    First, wow, Brisbane, as a crowd, you guys completely suck.
    Second, I hate aeroplanes. Really, really hate aeroplanes. Brand New are pretty much the only band I would even consider flying to another city for.

    The show itself was amazing, The Paper & The Plane again providing a pleasant surprise, woke me up a bit from sitting outside most of the day. The girl in front of me, who was on the barrier, was asleep, and that really pissed me off.

    Brand New come out and almost immediately my friend next to me is crushed by a guy at least five years older than her. Hey, guy, if you're reading this? You're an asshole.

    Brand New started with Tatou, had to stop after about maybe third, fourth song because people wouldn't shut up, Jesse let people ask questions and all people could yell was 'confetti!'. Lame. Jesse covered Temple of the Dog's Hunger Strike, realised everyone in the room was probably too young to have any idea what it was he was playing, so he stopped and laughed at us. Tech had fixed his guitar by this point, so it was straight on to Limousine. Degausser was introduced as Seventy Times 7, singer from The Paper And The Plane coming out to do some vocals. Halfway through the song, Jesse's mic stand dies and he kicks it, does another verse at the other mic, stand is fixed by next verse and he returns. They finished with Welcome to Bangkok, which was absolutely amazing. Trashed the stage, drum kits and all, I saw Derrick get shoved into his keyboards and all the while, the song is still being performed to near-perfection.

    This band continues to completely blow me away. I went backstage again and talked to them, after going nuts on stage I was a little scared but they were, again, the sweetest, most lovely guys. They're so genuine and it's wonderful to know people like that still exist.

    I can only hope that they come back out soon. They are worth sleeping in Brisbane airport and 6am flights back into Newcastle. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, but next time I might go to Melbourne instead.