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17. Apr. 2010, 8:11

Wed 14 Apr – AFI

I feel like I need to apologize in advance for any non-objective opinions found in this review. AFI are and have been my favourite band for some seven years or so and I love them more than myself so I admit I do have a hard time finding any flaws with them.

First of all, I gotta say that their support, The Dear And Departed, were absolutely amazing. I've seen quite a lot of rather disappointing support acts in my time, most of which didn't suit the main artist at all. But in this case, the choice was fantastic. They had sound problems but still pulled it off so well.

After another half an hour of waiting and getting excited, AFI finally hit the stage and as usual, they dove right in. I am not sure what to think of Medicate as the intro. It surely starts the show off with a lot of energy but it doesn't have a typical intro character so I'm torn about that. Also, I was a little surprised by how few songs they played off the new album. For some reason, I had expected half the setlist to consist of new songs because the guys are so genuinely happy with them, even more so than with any other album before. This also showed during the gig. They were in such a good mood and especially Davey seemed to put even more energy into performing songs such as End Transmission or Too Shy to Scream. It was so much fun to see how much they were enjoying it all. Apart from that, it is also great to see how much they seem to like digging out really old songs again. They finally seem to have found a good balance between loving to perform their new songs while still embracing their old hardcore roots. And despite Crash Love being much poppier than any previous release, fans from all eras seem to appreciate that balance and can party hard to all the songs.

The biggest surprise during the set was a performance of On the Arrow, complete with Adam leaving his drums behind to do a percussion with a shaker, giving it all a wonderful intimate feeling.

All together, I'd say it was one of the best shows I have seen AFI play. The only flaw was the setlist lacking a couple songs I would have liked to hear. But that seems to be the case with any gig. There's always that one song they didn't play.


  • TinaBtae

    I was also pretty suprised hearing AFI singing "On the Arrow". In fact, it's because I just don't know this song :D That kinda really suprised me, cuz I've got all albums since The Art of Drowning and ... couldn't sing along lol But yeah, I've really enjoyed that concert, it was my first concert and it was amazing. I stood right there in the first row, and touched almost Davey (^_^)... and I was able to take a step behind, so it wasn't so tight... All in all, it was pretty... (have I already mentioned?) amazing!

    18. Apr. 2010, 16:36
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