New Manics album jitters.


21. Okt. 2010, 3:34

I've just downloaded Postcards from a Young Man by Manic Street Preachers, but I am not yet ready to listen to it. I've saturated my ears with so much electro and pop lately that I will inevitably not give the Manics a fair shake. I've made the mistake in the past with Oasis while listening to too much Depeche Mode, and Depeche Mode while listening to too much Def Leppard. I just have to be free of the junk first. I still can't believe the Manics are still out there making music. I thought for certain Lifeblood would have been their last!

For what it's worth, 2 different people have told me it's an amaaaaaaazing album. Mind you, they're still stroking their MSP boner. I quit that years ago, sadly. I still cherish them for what they have done to my life, but ya know... I don't think I'll ever get that tattoo.


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