13. Okt. 2010, 19:33

That's right, I'm resetting my charts. After four and a half years on this wonderful site, I finally feel it is time.

My use of greatly differs now compared to four years ago. Back then I actually cared about my charts and often used this site to discover new artists. Now I don't care about my charts, and I use RateYourMusic to discover music instead. I still visit this site daily, but only to keep track of how many times I've listened to artists/albums/songs/etc.

There are many reasons for the reset. My overall chart does not represent my tastes at all, and basically shows my favourite artists when i was in high school with some current favourites that have snuck in. Even my more recent charts (12 and 6 months) don't really represent my favourite artists right now. I also have way too many loved tracks and there's no way of deleting them all at once. After the reset I'm going to reserve the love for only my favourite songs.

Here is my 12 month chart in case anyone wants to see it, but again I don't consider these my favourite artists right now. For example, I love Flying Lotus but the only reason he's number one is because I saw him live recently and listened to him a lot to prepare for the show. That usually happens for live bands I see. I don't know when the reset will happen, but it will be soon. It feels weird to reset after being on this site for so long, but it's definitely time.

See you on the other side!


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