Brian EnoSt. Elmo's Fire Lieblingslied 139
JapanMy New Career Lieblingslied 118
The PoliceDarkness Lieblingslied 91
Rain Tree CrowCries And Whispers Lieblingslied 78
Kate BushSat in Your Lap Lieblingslied 77
Renaldo & the LoafVitamin Song Lieblingslied 77
XTCMillions Lieblingslied 74
Renaldo & the LoafGreen Candle Lieblingslied 71
JapanStill Life In Mobile Homes Lieblingslied 69
The ResidentsBlue Rosebuds Lieblingslied 69
Buzzard BaitHorsey Horsey Lieblingslied 69
Brendon SmallSeptopus Theme Lieblingslied 68
Talking HeadsArtists Only Lieblingslied 67
Hatfield and the NorthFol de Rol Lieblingslied 67
SnakefingerThe Model Lieblingslied 67
The CureDressing Up Lieblingslied 66
Steve ReichMusic for a Large Ensemble Lieblingslied 66
FaustFlashback Caruso Lieblingslied 66
Fiction FriendsJump Jump Lieblingslied 65
DevoLove Without Anger Lieblingslied 64
The ResidentsGive It To Someone Else Lieblingslied 64
The ResidentsLess Not More Lieblingslied 63
Matching MoleInstant Pussy Lieblingslied 63
They Might Be GiantsAna Ng Lieblingslied 62
Soft MachinePig Lieblingslied 62
Soft MachineAs Long As He Lies Perfectly Still Lieblingslied 61
The MuffinsMonkey With the Golden Eyes Lieblingslied 61
John CageSix Melodies, For Violin & Harp No 4 Lieblingslied 60
GongLove Is How You Make It Lieblingslied 59
Eric FeldmanWorms Lieblingslied 59
They Might Be GiantsThe Statue Got Me High Lieblingslied 58
Kate BushThere Goes a Tenner Lieblingslied 58
The ResidentsConstantinople Lieblingslied 58
Thomas DolbyEuropa And The Pirate Twins Lieblingslied 58
The FallService Lieblingslied 57
Kate BushBabooshka Lieblingslied 57
Kate BushThe Dreaming Lieblingslied 56
Kate BushArmy Dreamers Lieblingslied 56
Kate BushStrange Phenomena Lieblingslied 56
The PoliceOmegaman Lieblingslied 56
The Sensational Alex Harvey BandNext Lieblingslied 55
Yellow Magic OrchestraFocus Lieblingslied 55
Daryl HallBabs and Babs Lieblingslied 55
The FallThe Classical Lieblingslied 54
XTCWhen You're Near Me I Have Difficulty Lieblingslied 53
Rain Tree CrowBoat's For Burning Lieblingslied 53
Alice CooperBillion Dollar Babies Lieblingslied 52
Mr. BungleThe Air-Conditioned Nightmare Lieblingslied 52
The ResidentsHello Skinny Lieblingslied 51
The ResidentsThe Talk Of Creatures Lieblingslied 51