• Burn Alex Burn

    18. Nov. 2007, 1:22

    Sat 17 Nov – Alexisonfire, Saosin, Fair to Midland, Ghost of a thousand

    Another fantastic set by the mighty Alexisonfire. The quality of the sound wasn't as good as the previous times I've seen them, perhaps time for a change of sound tech?? But the show itself was just as awesome as the other times I've seen AOF. You can never say they don't put 100% effort into their sets, full of energy as always. Played some of my favourite tracks of theirs, This could be anywhere in the world, keep it on wax, boiled frogs, Mailboz Arson and loads of others as well.....couldn't be ruined by several faulty microphones!! Saosin were pretty good again too, despite some technical gremlins for them too!
  • Actually, theres lots of sh*t hotels in Paris

    14. Nov. 2007, 0:52

    Tue 13 Nov – Stereophonics

    Just got back from seeing the Stereophonics and I wasn't disappointed. Fantastic set by Kelly and the guys. They had me from the second song when they played 'the bartender and the thief' which was just amazing. Played loads of the classics, Mr. Writer, Superman, Just Looking, Pick a part thats new, Local Boy in the photograph. Kelly did an awesome solo version of 'Maybe tomorrow' and a great medley of some of the back catelogue, including 'Have a nice day' and 'I Wouldn't believe you wireless radio amongst others.' Finished with the amazing Dakota.
  • Alexis on Fire!!

    3. Mai. 2007, 1:16

    Wed 2 May – Alexisonfire, Attack In Black

    Saw AOF for the second time tonight and again I wasn't disappointed. The first band, Khalo I think their name was. Not bad, same sort of genre as AOF so the sort of thing you'd expect. Attack in Black were up next.....god they were bad. Lost the crowd pretty the end of one song there was a long pause before anyone clapped. Biggest cheer of the night was when they left! Bad!

    Anywho, then came Alexisonfire! =) Burst, somewhat predictably, into Drunks, Lovers, Sinners, Saints (I had a feeling they'd start with that) but it was an awesome performance. Everyone sang along to everyword. Wayne came crashing into the crowd where I was stood towards the end of the song which was cool! =) Followed that up with Boiled Frogs which was great, then came Keep it on wax, one of my favourites. Crowd was loving every minute of it and for once, altho there was the usual squash and little swaying, generally well behaved. Best song of the night, bar far This could be anywhere in the world. Everyone was well up for every song, singing along, loads of energy. Finished with We are the end. Great gig.

    Have to say tho, they don't half dribble alot! =-/
  • Maximo!!!!!!!

    27. Apr. 2007, 4:40

    Wed 25 Apr – Maxïmo Park, Art Brut, Das Wanderlust

    Wow. Best word to describe the awesome performance put in by Newcastle's finest on wednesday. From the word go their set was full on energy. The crowd was going nuts for every song. Best bit of the night by far was the performance of 'Apply some Pressure.' Everyone sang every word along with Paul and when the song ended, the roar never seemed to end! Second time I've seen them live and they were even better this time around. Great show
  • Oh bum!

    24. Mär. 2007, 4:22

    The Incubus gig has been cancelled because the guitarist has broken his hand! Frankly that sucks major donkey balls! Guess I'll just have to wait till its rescheduled now! =(
  • Jessie! Jessie! Jessie!

    14. Mär. 2007, 16:06

    Tue 6 Mar – Eagles of Death Metal

    Now I'll admit, I'm a relatively new fan of the EofDM. But I loved every single minute of this gig! Jessie is such a great showman on stage, really got the crowd going and feeling involved. Not only that, but the quality of their live performance was brilliant, not a wrong note heard (even during 'solid gold' which he thought sounded like 'a dog on taco')

    Played all my favourite songs, Solid Gold, Cherry Cola (which was brilliant), I want you so hard and I only want you. But every song was just as brilliant. The band even managed to laugh off idiots throwing drinks at them!! Good to see the guys have a sense of humour! =) Best bit by far was when Jessie took out a comb, combed his hair, tasche, beard and eye-brows, before attacking the guitarists mini mohawk too!! Legends!
  • Jessie! Jessie! Jessie!

    9. Mär. 2007, 14:34

    Saw the the Eagles of Death Metal on tuesday!.....all I'll say is wow!!!!

    Had a change of personel, Dave came with me instead of Tom but no matter to me, I was just looking forwards to the gig. We arrived a little late but hadn't missed anything. While we were bored and waiting we went to the merchandise stand to see what was on offer. Bought a rather funky EODM hoodie and a new sweatband. I seem to have misplaced my InMe sweat band, can't find it anywhere!?!

    After that we wandered back into the main hall for the support act. They were called Mother Vulpine and we were both really impressed by them. Firstly, they had a fit female rythmn guitarist! always a bonus! They had good stage energy and their songs were pretty good too! The crowd got behind them, some shout obsence gestures at the poor woman but somethings can't be helped!

    After they left we slideld into a better position to see the Eagles from. As soon as they arrived the place went nuts! There were lads near us with Jessie style moustaches and shades on and he loved them! The guy is such a showman. Their set was awesome. Jessie had great stage presence and loved entertaining us. At one point between songs he took a comb off one of the speaker sets, combed his hair, then did a comedy comb of his tasche and beard, then licked his eyebrows. For an extra kick he then pretended to comb the other guitarists hair too....the poor bloke is almost bald bar a small blonde mohawk at the front. Genius!

    For those of you who ahve never heard the Eagles of Death Metal, they're very old school rock. Their songs are full of over the top guitar rifts and they have a very old school sound with a modern twist. But they're songs still rule! He endeared himself to the women in the audience by asking them what song they wanted to hear....before playing 'Cherry Cola' which is one of my favourites too. That was amazing. Then they did a song called 'Solid Gold,' off the new album. Apprently it was only the second time they'd ever done it live, but it sounded great still! Afterwards Jessie said they sounded like 'A dog on Tacos!' Whatever that means! Personally I loved it!

    They also did my two favourite songs during the main set, 'I want you so hard' and 'I only want you.' Both those songs were awesome. They also have a cover of 'Stuck in the middle with you' on their first album, cleverly renamed 'Stuck in the metal with you,' which they also performed. That went down a storm. People were throwing beer cups at the stage...someone managed to hit the guitarist on the head, so he bent down, picked it up and drank the rest! To a rouse of cheers! He then told someone to by whomever a new drink and to kick them in the nuts!

    They went off for their usual pre-encore break. Everyone was chanting 'Eagles!' till Jessie came out again. He then got us to do a huge cheer to get the others back out on stage. They then did a couple of other songs before finishing with a cover of the Rolling Stones 'Brown Sugar.'

    Yet another awesome gig. No Josh Holme on drums tho, just some bloke who looked a bit like Anthony Kiedis!
  • Nine Inch Nails + The Killers

    5. Mär. 2007, 23:07

    Wow what a weekend! The best weekend I've had in ages for several reasons.

    Friday was its usual self. Seminar in the afternoon was its routine self. Work was good fun for the most part! Not enough fit women this week tho!

    Unfortunately I had to do an 11 - 6 shift on the saturday so had to get up at 9am which I wasn't too impressed by. The first hour of work was dead. Its slowly picked up around 1, then was heaving at 2. There were people sat at the bar queuing for tables! Then we had fun sorting out an order of coffee's that went all kinds of wrong!! Then it died down again and more boredom! At about half 4 Katie and Sally rolled in. They dumped their bags with me while they went to get Katie a new pillow after she left hers on the train! Muppett!!! Not long after that, a guy came upto the bar and ordered 4 cocktails. 2 Bloody Mary's whcih are the easiest cocktails in the world to make, a Bellini (which is a Champagne cocktail made with Peach Puree but we had run out so I had to make it with Raspberry instead) and a Sweet Manhattan. In total it came to £21.20 I think it was. This guy then rolls out a huge roll of notes, literally hundreds of pounds! He gave me £40, said give me ten change and keep the rest. So the guy tipped me £8.60!!! For making 4 cocktails!!! £8.60!!! I usually don't make that from the tips the floor staff give out! (which is much appreciated by the way to all you floor whores! ) I was well impressed with that!

    Finished at 6, so me Katie and Sally headed back to mine. Had a quick bite to eat, introduced everyone to everyone else and dashed into town to meet Chris and Marcia.

    So, gig one of the weekend. Nine Inch Nails. I can't say I'm there biggest fan, but I do like some of their recent stuff alot and knew Chris wanted....sorry, needed to go to a gig so thought "why not!?!" We ambled in amongst the extreme fans. Big, colourful hair, the odd PVC costume....all the sights you'd expect at a NIN gig. First up were the support act, Ladytron. All I'll say is I've seen worse support acts. I wasn't too sure if one of their singers was singing in German half the time! Anywho, they sauntered off and we stood around waiting for NIN.

    Then came the best bit. While the set was being changed, a beachball started doing the rounds. I said to Chris, "I want that beachball," so stood aptly waiting for it to head in my direction. Sure enough, over it came. However it was just out reach. I got my hands around it, but it slipped thru and started bouncing off towards the front again! Not impressed! Then, worse still, a group of people about 20'ft to our right caught it and I thought they were gonna keep it as they held onto it. However it turns out they were just reading it. As after about 2 minutes they whacked it into the air....and straight into my grasp! GOTCHA!!!! So that was then promptly deflated and squeezed into my pocket! We re-inflated it when we got back and started messing around with it....only for Rob to go and break a glass and Lou knocked one off the top, but it somehow bounced and hit the floor, without breaking! Anyways, then NIN came on! I watched the first few songs stood with Chris and Marcia....then, a couple of lads nudged past and said "Push me!" I duely obliged, said my goodbyes and disappeared down the front! be get the idea. Took me a little while to get right down the front, some pretty hardcore fans down there this time! But got a good slot. Disaster almost struck. When The Hand that Feeds came on, I took my phone out to video it. I'd said to Chris and Marcia earlier, "I dont care if I lose my phone, so long as I have my beachball I'll be happy!" Well that almost came true! Some guy knocked my phone out of my bounced off a couple of people and fell to the floor! Thankfully some lad saw it happen and helped me pick it up! Overall, a pretty awesome set! And I didn't die like I half expected too! I even got an Ocean burger for the way home.

    When we got back, Katie and Sally had gone to bed already, but I stayed up till nearly 3am playing Pro with Nathan, Richard and Rob just messing around etc.. like normal. Lou and Jen came round about 2am, bringing pizza too!

    So roll on Sunday, or lazy day as it turned into. Got Katie and Sally some breakfast while everyone piled into the kitchen at about 12pm. Those two lazy mares then headed back to bed till god knows what time! While I sat up in my dressing gown watching the O.C. for the first time in ages! Got showered at about 3pm and dressed while I waited on those two to make themselves presentable. We headed into town just before 5pm so we could grab a bite to eat before the gig. I then had to ring round people to find someone else to come to the gig as Rob dropped out at the last minute. I asked all my flat, people from work before Tom took me up on the offer! Me, Katie and Sally had a meal at Wetherspoons. We had to wait while Katie ate the place dry! She just had to order dessert as well! Was rather nice tho!

    So we arrived just after 7pm. Met Tom i the foyer and Katie practically ran down as far forwards as she could get. At about 7:40pm the support band, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club came on. Their first song was pretty good but the rest of the set was pretty average. Again I've seen worse bands! To be honest, I spent most of their set eyeing up the fit girl stood next to me! Once they'd gone we just waitied till the Killers came on. It got awfully cramped very quickly. Usually theres plenty of room until the band comes such luck this time. Looking around it was a complete sell out! I couldn't see an empty seat anywhere! And it was worth every penny of the amount I bought the tickets for! As soon as the first song came on, I was grapling my way down the front. Sorry to Tom, Katie and Sally for abandoning you, but again...itch...needs get the idea. Got to within about 4 people from the front! Started with 'Welcome to Sam's Town', then 'When we were Young' came on which was awesome. Then came 'Somebody Told Me, which was frankly amazing. See my video section to see it. Thankfully, didn't drop my phone this time! Went through all the best songs off 'Hot Fuss' and 'Sam's Town,' Indie Rock & Roll, Jenny was a friend of mine, Smile like you mean it, Bones, Read my mind....Mr Brightside understandably went down a storm! Finished with 'All these things that I've done'...before the final verse of 'When we were young again'...then they went off....came back on again and preformed a brief part of the interlude before finally leaving. Spent most the gig behind another rather hot girl. Infact, I spent most of it crushed right against her, so much so, I think she might be pregnant!?! Apologises to you love, I'll pay maintenence I promise!

    So rather hot and sweaty, amde our way out. Had a quick drink in Bunkers Hill pub to replenish some of the lost liquids then came home. Watched a bit of Johnny Mnuemonic (sp.) before retiring to bed. Was kept awake by Katie's random sleep talking! Today then consisted of making those two Bacon sandwiches before heading to uni. Sent them off on the tram to the train station and went to my lecture. So thats my weekend! Was awesome. Now I finally get to go out again on wednesday for the first time in nearly 3 week! Its Laura's birthday do....we're having an OAP fancy dress party. Will probably end up in Ocean again! Always good fun! Speaking of Ocean, ran into another old Ocean friend...Ade now works at the Ice Arena. What are the chances! Anyways, videos to upload and work to do! Catch ya'll laters!
  • I want that Meerkat!

    13. Feb. 2007, 10:56

    Believe it or not, this is a Bloc Party blog. The Meerkat thing will become apprently shortly.

    Sp, last night, I saw Bloc Party! And my god they were awesome. Surprisingly there was only one support act for them, the Fields. They were alright, nothing spectacular. It was between the break of them finishing and Bloc Party coming on that I spotted a stuff toy Meerkat on one of the speaker boxes. Much as I wanted it, I didn't get it! But I did get to see an amazing performance by Bloc Party.

    How awesome were they!?! Launched straight into some of the old material, before playing 'Burning the Witches' one of my favourites off the new album! Kele fell over the second drum kit during the first song. He kept playing tho, kudos to him! He couldn't stop laughing tho and failed to sing half the remaining lyrics as a result!

    They soon came out with some of my favourites. Banquet was awesome, shortly followed by the Prayer. That was really good too. The performed more of the Silent Alarm stuff that new tracks from A Weekend In The City, but that wasn't a bad thing. Like Eating Glass was really good too. The finished the first part of the set with Helicopter which was just awesome.

    Then came the usual break...everyone shouted and clapped and cheered for them to come back out again. Then finally they did. Started the encore with 2 More Years was which good. Finished the set with Pioneers. They started dedicating it too bands they didn't like. Fall Out Boy was Kele's offering, followed by Mika, The Ordinary boys (who got the biggest boo from the crowd!) and The View. Then launched into it.

    It was an amazing gig, easily the best I've seen at Rock City. I'm not sure if I'd put them above Placebo in terms of the best gigs I've seen. I think its still, Muse, Placebo, then Bloc Party. Still fantastic tho!

    Got a Bloc Party hoodie. Green with this quaint little logo on it, which is quite nice. The woman spent an age trying to dig out a large one for me. My AOF hoodie has shrunk alittle so I decided to get a large one to counteract that this time. Its nice and cosy thats for sure. Now its back to work work and more work!
  • Hell is for Heroes

    7. Feb. 2007, 2:25

    I realise just how good a band Hell is for Heroes is again tonight after seeing them live. I can't believe I forgot to copy The Neon Handshake to my laptop again!

    For the first time....possibly ever, I enjoyed all 3 acts tonight. Usually the first couple of support acts are a bit naff, you can hardly hear them sing and I lose interest. But this time, all 3 acts were top quality. First up were an act called Tellison. Pretty standard indie band but turned out to be a cracking live act. Their early songs were good, infact, their whole set was pretty good.

    Second was a band called Brigade. Featuring none other than the younger brother of one Charlie Simpson (Of Busted and Fightstar fame) Someone mentioned that he was in one of the bands, otherwise I probably wouldn't have spotted him. But you could clearly see the ressemblence in the face. Like Fightstar, they play some pretty good rock music. The poor bloke kept getting electric shocks off the microphone tho, you could see him jump away each time he got a shock! The Bassist, some small Japanise guy was pretty awesome too, really going for it throughout. Again, another cracking set.

    Then came Hell is for Heroes. They sort of faded off the map when their second album didn't do so well. Which was a shame as the Neon Handshake was awesome. And their performance was pretty awesome. My favourite songs, I can climb Mountains, Night Vision and You drove me to it were all in there. I got videos of 'I can climb..' and 'You drove me..' so check them out. They had a few stage issue, constantly breaking stuff. The singer even pulled some more of the material off from the roof so the rodie had to do a quick fix job on that! The singer even went crowd surfing during 'You drove me to it,' went most of the way back before being deposited back on stage. Overall I'd say it was the best gig I've seen in the Basement to date! Throughly enjoyed it and my ears are still ringing as we speak!