• Her Eyes

    4. Jan. 2010, 0:00

    This is a song i wrote about my best best friend at school.

    reach out reach out
    ambiguous contrasts
    beat dark, like a sunset.
    An arch around the corner, to see what's next
    You better believe their demon glow
    Checkered green and brown to set the tone

    deep inside, a window to the soul
    paisley pink, it must be illegal.
    they tell a story, in the afternoons.

    I stay in the corner, never dare to come out.
    Turquoise balls, a world without chinese
    She smiles at me, I can see under the blanket.
    So peaceful and calm, the baby's head whispers at the smelly sights

    deep inside those eyes, my window to her soul.
    it's paisley pink, so warm must be illegal
    they tell a story only in the afternoooooonns

    what the.....
    that fuzzy warm feeling
    of love and being loved
    the bass beats when i see those eyes
    uh uh,
    they tell a story, don't you wish you could hear.

    only in the afternoons.