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12. Mai. 2007, 12:53

Some reviews for the Music and Ideas demo by Estobahn:

“The music and ideas demo by Estobahn is by far one of the best I have heard in ages. The beautiful vocals have the same soothing qualities of Grandaddy, great to listen to inside in the warm, as the days get shorter and the nights colder. Estobahn do not see any point in dressing their music up in colourful metaphors, or pushing an original - or indeed unoriginal - image. The irony is that, in doing so, they are actually being refreshingly original. Everything that surrounds the actual music is neither here nor there for Estobahn and rightly so. All too often do bands become absorbed in their reputation and image and actually neglect the music, Estobahn’s music does indeed speak for itself and it is crying out to be listened to.”
- Review by Logo Magazine

"Taking the same quiet approach to music as Low and doing it very well. Everything is delicate, the melody, the sentiments, the drums, the glissando guitar and the plucked guitar notes. Even the feedback is controlled and melodic. Imagine My Bloody Valentine on downers – then just sit back and enjoy the experience. No biographical details and none needed because the music speaks for itself.

It's difficult to know how this sort of music is going to force itself to the front of the crowd of the baying wannabes, but anyone who likes to step back and listen to beautiful music crafted with sensitivity and skill will find a gem in this EP. The note on the CD says 'nice if you'd take a listen and maybe review us'. Well, I've listened, reviewed, and fallen for the quiet intensity and beauty of these songs."
- Review by Cool Noise Website

"Sometimes it really is possible to simply let your music do the talking. Estobahn give no press release or biographical info, only a short piece of text on the CD inlay stating, 'No grand declarations, no history, no image, no lies'. Pretentious? Maybe a little, but when the music is as impressive as this, you don't really give it a second thought. Gentle vocals rest easily beside subtle, yet perfectly melodic guitars on each of the three tracks, of which Lucid is the standout. The inlay text reads, 'You may wanna know more, but that kinda stuff was never important', and with such delightfully dreamy pop in a similar vein to Hefner escapee ANT , the songs really do say more about the band than any press release ever could."
- Review by Record Overplayed Fanzine

"No grand declarations, no history, no image, no lies," states the biog, yielding no other information. The music is as spartan in its own way, and just as mysterious. Over a gentle wash of sea noise and guitars as minimal as Red House Painters, a gentle sigh takes you into his confidence. Try as they might, they're too good to remain a mystery for long."
- Review by C4 Text

"Estobahn are five people. Two people play guitars, one person plays bass and one person plays drums. Two people sing. One person plays nothing but that could always change. They write songs and record them. No one else helps. You may wanna know more, but that kinda stuff never was important. Thanks for listening...". So reads the most honest and endearing press release I've ever read. Inscribed on the back of a CD who's cover merely features a labelled tape and who's sleeve reads (in thick bold scrawl) "I saw your internet site. I like zines. We're from Nottingham too." And for this they should be respected. For not trying to force anything on me. Any crap about influences or support slots. An honesty rarely seen. But ignore this. That's just me being a reviewer, but never plod over a crescendo-less four minutes. Hear it suggest those early, more wistful Ash choruses, hear it take you away. The second track steals the intro to Velvet Morning allowing you to interpret the music into the mood you prefer. It is music of freedom, not confining. Ok, some bits could be said to be generic post-rock but only if you're in the kind of cynical mood which would prevent you from slipping on this simple wonder. Estobahn have created a demo that is encapsulating without being intruding, a CD that's liberating and that won't sit under a pile of EP's and pages & pages of press releases in the 'what the fuck do I do when I've stolen the boxes?' pile. Music to be embraced. Music to live for and with."
- Review by Shadowplay Fanzine

"Ooo.. pretty indie”. Yes that was my first thought. I like pretty indie music so this sounds just up my street. It's simple, melancholic and melodic and generally quite nice. The vocals are low and relaxing and the harmonies are lovely. The second song, Summer, I Found is a little weird. It just kinda lulls along and is completely instrumental. Really calming and quite pleasant. I feel is should have reached the climax a bit earlier though as you begin to get tired of it. Blue Skies is also pretty simple and just nice. Yes, they're a "nice" band. They're nothing new, but I think that in the current wave of "pretty indieness" they could do quite well. They sound like JJ72 but without the whiny vocals of Greenay or like The Electric Soft Parade if they were normal. They're perfectly harmless and pretty talented. It's a pity that anything good has already been done before! 8/10"
- Review by Sonance Fanzine

"This is the latest CD from the late, great Estobahnoffering up 3 fine tunes of melodic masterpieces. The tracks ‘Lucid,’ ‘Summer, I Found’ and ‘Blue Skies’ are all extremely cool tunes featuring some strong guitar lines, awesomely melodic vocals, a good drum beat, and some terrific bass lines. The atmosphere on this CD is extremely chilled out and mellow – if you were listening to this when you were depressed you probably wouldn’t get it, but it is great for when you are happy as you can just drift away and lose yourself in the melody of the music – it’s fantastic!

All of the three tracks on display here are equally as interesting and as exciting as each other with some seriously chilled out beats that will make any worries you have just disappear for the duration of the 11 minutes that the CD lasts for. This band do not need to rush into hardcore every 5 seconds to keep their music interesting, they are good enough musicians to make it absolutely astounding with every note being hit by the vocalist as mellow as it possibly could. Many of the bands that I hear have driving guitars, fast vocals, and lightning drumming to try and keep the attention of the listener but this band do not need to venture into any of the said actions. I really love what this band are doing here as it is so different to the norm for what most rock bands are doing right now and shows that they are not afraid of trying out things and this is always a great quality in a band. Up until recently when the band contacted me and sent me this CD I had not heard of them, but with tracks like these there is no reason why this band should remain an underground outfit for too long!

I absolutely loved this little demo from the band as it gave me my first insight in to their music and I have to say that I was impressed with what I heard and will definitely be checking these guys out in the future. Originality is a rarity in the modern UK rock scene, but Estobahn are a prime example of one of the few bands that aren’t afraid to venture in to new and unexplored territory. Check them out if you are looking for a band who are a bit different, as they are sure to impress and put a massive smile on your face!"
- Review by Alt-UK Website

"The five members of Estobahn are clearly a relaxed bunch, this three song demo is embellished with crisp wintery songs that are melodic and wistful. It grows in depth with a couple of listens and has been leaving me with a satisfied Eeels feel. There are few bands that could pull off a good three song demo that is as slow and light as this.

I would say, in the midst of this praise, that there is room for some more energy, Sigur Ros style maybe, as throughout my enjoyment of the songs and sounds I was half hoping half expecting to be surprised with something great and original - but it never really came.

I do think that there may be more to come from this band - they know a lot more than most about delicate beauty."
- Review by Yellow Noise Website
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