The Soundscapers' Voice, issue #5


22. Nov. 2008, 13:36

Hello, fellow Soundscapers and listeners.

What's new? Tons of stuff!
- Caustic Reverie has released its third album, entitled Stochastic Resonance. It it was composed using a fractal generation program, field recordings, and a variety of vst synths and effects. Stochastic Resonance has elements of drone, noise, and industrial ambient. It is also available at Jamendo.

- Here comes also Caustic Reverie's fourth album! Drawing from elements of dark ambient, noise, and drone, Word Salad Surgery is by no means an Emerson, Lake & Palmers styled keyboard etude, but rather a nightmarish attack of Apophenia. 192 kb/s version available at Jamendo.

- And while we're at it, Bryn has released another album under his less ambient-oriented moniker of TheForgotton, called Sub Luna, which definitely desserves to be listened to.

- Vatnajökull has released the Arkhangelsk EP. Also available at 320 kb/s, including the artwork, here.

Richard Sydney has released an album made in honour of the US election called RETORIK.

- Downstream, the debut album of Dereleech is out now as a free download. Musically it's for the most part abstract and beatless with soft layering and some occasional rhythmic elements. The mood is centered around feelings of fear and isolation but also weird sensations of irrational relief and inner peace. The high quality version can be found here. More information in this journal entry.

- Streams of Europe has added the two final tracks of The Many Lives of a Clone, called ...and Mysteries of Death Were Revealed, Yet Despair Remains and Five Minutes before Oblivion. The album is still being polished and will be available for download soon.

- Streams of Europe has played live in Paris on October 17th. The result is a one-track album titled after the event, called Neorganics. Also avaible in high quality on Jamendo and SoundCloud.

The Streams of Europe / Soundscapers' website
- The two reasons for the delay between this newletter and the one before were the preparation of the live performance mentionned above and the building of a new website: It's divided in two parts: one is dedicated to Streams of Europe, and the other is a little social experiment dedicated to Soundscapers.

- This Soundscapers' page is the current result of things evoked in this discussion. What it will become is up to you! Register, discuss in the forum, connect with other users (here's Streams of Europe's profile as an exemple of what is doable)... Feedback is welcome, your advices and ideas would be very appreciated.

- A podcast page has been set up using the in order to promote our members's free tracks outside

- This project is meant to evolve, probably into a stand-alone website dedicated to free independent and experimental music. Something between a netlabel, a collective, a music agreggator and a social network. Please note it's a personal project with no commercial goals (and probably with many bugs) only meant to go further than our group.

Who's new?
We've got eight new members:

- Nezumi (Last FM user nezumi-szczur). Nezumi is Polish atmospheric ambient/electronica composer, however his music includes elements of various other styles, mostly rock and metal subgenres.

- Susperia-Electrica (Last FM user CHILL2006). A solo ambient artist from Aldershot in the United Kingdom. Genres including ambient, minimalism, electronica, dark ambient. atmospherica, otherworldly Influences, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream and Robert Fripp.

- Pterodata (Last FM user pterodata). Pterodata is the sonic project of brazillian architect and musician Joao Diniz including abstract ambiences and soundscapes, experimental tracks, webclips, poetry and architecture.

- innere sicherheit (Last FM user InSich). Noise & drone from Russia. We don’t have a description for this artist yet, care to help? :)

- Unutterable (Last FM user Assiman). Unutterable is experimental one-man project by Assiman, mixing different styles ranging from noise to ambient.

- A Bleeding Star (Last FM user a_bleeding_star). A Bleeding Star is the Dark-Ambient/Gothic/Experimental project created by singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist: Alex Goth.

- Unmorph (Last FM user blackriderrom). Romanian solo project, formerly “Black FX”, created by blackriderrom. The sound of the project can be categorized as belonging to several genres: including ambient, industrial, drum and bass, acoustic and symphonic.

- amorphix (Last FM user amorphix). amorphix is a UK based music project blending dark ambient & industrial soundscapes with orchestral and neo-classical elements.

- We've also several other applications, but sometimes people fail to add a link to their work... If you've applied and have no news, send a message :)

From the Soundscapers' forum:
Art or Money?. Art, for now. It seems like we don't really care about money, but a bit of fame would ne nice.

Today's question is not a question: Soundscapers' playlist!
Post your three best tracks in this discussion. Why three? Because one wouldn't be enough to build a working playlist. And three different tracks allows a bit of variety. Now go listen to everything you've uploaded on and make your choice :)

See you next time!


  • pterodata

    thanks a lot

    23. Nov. 2008, 19:42
  • a_bleeding_star

    [Wickedsweet...lectronice, I thank thee]

    28. Nov. 2008, 9:10
  • The_Forgotton

    Thanks for promoting three of my albums this issue! This is a big help to get the word out.

    28. Nov. 2008, 12:01
  • lectronice

    You're welcome guys, promoting good music is one of the main purposes of the group :)

    28. Nov. 2008, 12:16
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