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Über mich

I have too many friends on my list that I don't even know so if we haven't ever met or spoke before, I'll just ignore your friend request. Peace

Profile picture I use is my artwork and you can check out full resolution picture here :


If you have band that play psychedelic/progressive/stoner/folk/blues rock and would like to get some exposure through music blogs, send me your demos and I'd listen to them - If there's something that I really like, I'd include one of your songs in my compilations OR if you totally blow my mind I'd review whole album or demo tape (with download link,ofcourse). Cheers


  • 1000th Pink Floyd's song : Green Is The Color

  • 2000th Pink Floyd's song : Interstellar Overdrive

  • 3000th Pink Floyd's song : Echoes

  • 4000th Pink Floyd's song : Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Vi-IX)

  • 5000th Pink Floyd's song :Pigs On The Wing (Part One)

Pink Floyd

Summer Of Love

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