• Green Day=the real deal

    6. Jun. 2010, 21:39

    Bloody brilliant! Awesome style, tremendous live act! Green Day are the pride of the modern day rock scheme. They were all in great form on the night and masterminded one hell of a show! Cudos to Benjamin who ownd "Longview" and left the band somewhat surprised and awestruck it appeared.

    I sure hope GD will come back to Scandinavia and perhaps Norway some day with more energy and feelgood.

    Take a bow, guys. Take a f*ckin bow!
  • Great show @Bryan Adams

    29. Mai. 2010, 13:42

    Fri 28 May – Bryan Adams - The Bare Bones Tour 2010
    Great fun, professional act from Bryan Adams. Managed to invigorate passive Norwegian crowd with all the greatest hits - and a couple of new ones. My sympathies to the poor girl who was brought on stage to duett "When You're Gone", only to be shut down in the middle of the first chorus and taken off stage as she didn't know the lyrics.