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  • Carlemot20

    how is my music compatibility so high with somebody with such obvious DWEEBY taste in music. US Airforce Men of Note? Pull your pants up a little higher, SQUARE

    Juli 2012
  • Carlemot20

    haha you are the only person I ever have a consistently high music compatibility with. I think its because we both <3 Classical/Blues/Soul

    März 2012
  • cetiger

    Oh Ladybrenna, don't ever think I'm ignoring you. Between Facebook and Gchat, I'm already stalking you to the best of my ability. Don't make me throw this into the mix too.

    Juli 2010
  • cetiger

    brenna is cool lol

    Juni 2010
  • dead_kitty

    we will be friends on ALL the social networks!!!! wooooooo

    August 2009

    Welcome aboard, ladybrenna! Happy listening.

    August 2008