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AgentThis Is Getting Old 11. Sep. 2009
AgentTrying My Best 11. Sep. 2009
AgentI'm Fucking Sick Of People Leaving And Not Saying Goodbye 11. Sep. 2009
AgentAnywhere Is Better Than Here 11. Sep. 2009
AgentTough Lake, Mr. Muenster 11. Sep. 2009
AgentI Am No One 11. Sep. 2009
AgentProcesses Incur Subconscious 11. Sep. 2009
AgentCurrent 11. Sep. 2009
Touché AmoréAdieux 11. Sep. 2009
Touché AmoréAlways Running, Never Looking Back 11. Sep. 2009
Touché AmoréNine 11. Sep. 2009
Touché AmoréBroken Records 11. Sep. 2009
Touché AmoréSuckerfish 11. Sep. 2009
Touché AmoréHistory Reshits Itself 11. Sep. 2009
Touché AmoréSwimming With Sharks 11. Sep. 2009
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Über mich

AIM: stuartdbdd

if hipsters start posting comments about not listening to "real" music i'll go back to blocking shoutbox messages.

i'm not here to get told how i suck by close minded 17 year old's obsessed with looking cool with their meaningless 7'' collections and obscure bands they claim to listen to.

your music taste is just that, yours. don't suggest that i listen to "real" music and give me some cliche list of bands that you just found a week ago. no one wants to have music "suggested" to them like that. seriously, "real screamo" is a fucking joke to me. the ONLY thing i want suggested to me is pop-punk. stuff that sounds like early brand new, the wonder years, blink182. "give me some fun times, hand claps, and something to laugh at."