Playlist for "Punk Rock Pariah" with Grendel for 14 April 2010


15. Apr. 2010, 2:36

"Punk Rock Pariah" with Grendel
14 April 2010

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Madcap – Keep Dancin’
The Dopamines – Soap and Lampshades
Lemuria – Yesterday’s Lunch
Mean Jeans – Born on a Saturday Night
The Steinways – I Wanna Kiss You (On the Lips)
The Hextalls – Martin Lawrence
Dear Landlord – I Live in Hell
The Connie Dungs – Tales from the Crypt

Refused – Liberation Frequency
The Damage Done – Teen-Bop Hit Factory
Psyched to Die – OCD Life
Minor Threat – Guilty of Being White
Strike Anywhere – Sunset on 32nd Street

Nerf Herder – Don’t Hate Me (Because I’m Beautiful)
Elvis Costello – Radio Radio
The Measure [sa] – Drunk by Noon
The Honor System – Fool’s Gold
Crumb – Exhibit A

Brendan Kelly – Kiss the Bottle
Wingnut Dishwashers Union – Picking Sides
Andrew Jackson Jihad – ‘Nother Beer
Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels – The Best Thing About Getting Dumped is You Get to Write a Power Ballad
Rev Lee Peters – ¼ Life Crisis

Slapstick – There’s a Metal Head in the Parking Lot
Reel Big Fish – Sell Out
The Specials – Concrete Jungle (Live on the BBC)
The Slackers – Wasted Days (alternate)
Catch 22 – 9mm and a Three Piece Suit

Monkey – Freedom Sounds
Tim Armstrong – Wake Up
The Selecter – Three Minute Hero
Bad Manners – Skinhead Love Affair

Low Pressure – Child of Distinction
The Aquabats – Red Sweater
Less Than Jakes – Liquor Store
Streetlight Manifesto – Everything Went Numb

The Wunder Years – Yearbook of a Passing Youth
The Eyeliners – Do the Zombie
One Man Army – Let’s Call it An Evening


  • timahelm61

    great music taste!

    9. Jun. 2010, 5:41
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