• Been there, saw that, laughed hard

    23. Mai. 2014, 14:31

    Do you know Bill Bailey? No? Your loss. The greater the more you like clever humour and musical parody. That's what Bill Bailey's performances are about - part clasical stand-up, part refined musical comedy.
    Qualmpeddler was no different. Bill Bailey greeted the audience with his latest observations on Czech language and moved on to his expedition to Norway or german frog porn. The playlist included Love Ballad, ABBA tribute Waterloo in style of Rammstein and more. And the audience laughed wildly.
    I had very good time and enjoyed the evening fully. Now, I hold two wishes. First is to Bill Bailey to come to Prague again. The other one is to Tim Minchin and Dara O'Briain to follow in his footsteps.