15. Jul. 2007, 3:53

I am not a great music critic as one will be able to tell from reading the following. However, I totally love Dido. That's all I have to say. Well, not really. Her music is awesome. She is supercool, pretty, seems quite mature for her age. Her smile is awesome, like warm summer sunshine. Ok. Total Dido fan.
I love the following songs:

White FlagThank YouStonedHunterSand in My Shoes
ok. thanks for reading.


  • maryjenn

    let's wait for her next album (which will come out next year i think) and will see how much she's evolved as an artist. but i agree she is supercool. my curent favorite is 'my lover's gone'. and yes her smile is very warm =)

    15. Jul. 2007, 11:59
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