10. Mär. 2008, 1:52

I've created another profile (located here) as sort of a experiment. I'm going to listen to all of my CD's - once - in order to see how the charts turn out. I'm only going to play the albums I physically own, none I've downloaded. Once I'm done, I'm going to use this one again.

So, if I don't scrobble on this profile for a while, it's because I'm scrobbling on my other one. :) I will likely use this one profile while I'm doing my experiment. As I mentioned, I'm going to scrobble all of the albums I own once; if I wish to listen to an album more than once, I'll listen to it on this profile.

I don't want to reset my charts on this profile, so that's why I created the other one. I will not delete either profile, nor am I going to abandon either profile.

Should be fun. :)


  • thatmikeykid

    If you were really hardcore you'd make 5.

    4. Apr. 2008, 0:02
  • krustywazoo

    It'd be even more hardcore if I did one upside down. And another one downside up, another one sideways, another one sideways the other way, and another one inversed. ... Which will still equal five. :?

    4. Apr. 2008, 19:53
  • jankhe33

    Will you Chinese?You are canadians?

    4. Jan. 2010, 6:05
  • krustywazoo

    Hmm, what do you mean "will you Chinese"? :) Anyway, there's an American, a Canadian, and an Australian in this thread. In addition to yourself, of course, who is Chinese. :)

    10. Jan. 2010, 15:41
  • rensiemetal

    Why don't you just count all songs instead of scrobbling them?

    5. Apr. 2010, 9:55
  • krustywazoo

    Good question. That would be much easier, rensiemetal, haha. :)

    24. Apr. 2010, 15:00
  • krustywazoo

    I wish I kept the project up... I've bought a LOT of CD's after I gave it up, so I dunno where to start again. I love Zeppelin, Floyd, and the Beatles. Can't really get into AC/DC or Metallica. :\

    26. Jul. 2010, 1:09
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