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Death GripsLost Boys kostenloser Download 9. Aug. 2012
HeyokaMeltdown Lieblingslied 21. Mai. 2012
An-ten-naeTripping On Banana Peels (Dub) Lieblingslied 21. Mai. 2012
AeedError Code (Pixelord remix) 19. Apr. 2012
PixelordFish Touch (KidKanevil Remix) 19. Apr. 2012
Mono/PolyExplosive Puppetry Lieblingslied 19. Apr. 2012
LornDimitri (II) 17. Apr. 2012
DibiaseGenie In The Sky 17. Apr. 2012
Graciela MariaAlways 17. Apr. 2012
Blue DaisyThe Fall 17. Apr. 2012
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Über mich

Krøgh Sun is a hungry producer of sound that are emotion based, he strives to create goosebump music, he is the owner of the Bigger Bass Bureau..........what he really wants is to make the world happy with his music, he seeks a record label to adopt him and nourish him to help him create even bigger better productions, he will play through the whole BPM range during a set usually starting at 70 and ending at 180, but is open to more complex BPM's if anyone will give the abstract creation to him....
He really enjoys hot countries and beaches and thinks this is his natural environment, but for some reason lives in Canada....where it is safe...cold...beautiful.....but boring....and wouldnt mind having to move somewhere that is really hot and nice....and crazy wild....he traverses the realm and has a keen insight of what is happening now with music!!! He loves life music and the universe

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