Liberation day


11. Mai. 2006, 19:36

Last friday, I went out to celebrate bevrijdingsdag in Zwolle.
At first, I thought the line-up wasn't that spectacular. Bands like Van Dik Hout, The Sheer, Kane and De Heideroosjes don't appeal to me much, to be honest. I checked out the dance-island for a while during Don Diablo's set, but despite the fact this venue looked kinda pretty from afar, it sucked big time. Uninteresting, annoying people, long waiting times at the bar (you could easily spend an hour trying to get a drink, without being served). No good. *Yawn*

Luckily record-store Plato had its own stage, with nothing but not-to-be-missed stuff like PAULUSMA, the somewhat experimental Roosbeef, sleazy Hammondorgan (and seventies-porn) flavored ZZZ and the brilliant, awesome, admirable Spinvis! Yay!
How much better can life get? Great weather, great music, and no need to keep switching stages. Hah!

(Yes, I do realise it took me a long time to produce a short piece of text about something that happened almost a week ago... Deal with it :P)
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