18. Mai. 2011, 19:36

    ...y'all know goddamn well I don't do reviews. I just don't have the attention span for it, and I'm terrible with words anyway, for srs. HOWEVER. I decided that if I really WAS going to do this, then I would try to make this a bit fun for everybody (with proper internet connections, anyway), as opposed to just writing a gigantic wall of text about which no1curr.

    So here we go!

    NOTE: If you're using something other than Firefox...O well, that's on you. Also, you may see some GIFs get used more than once. Hey, I tried to find unique GIFs for every song, but...

    ALBUM: CLOUD NINE (I'm gonna be reviewing Limited B, simply 'cause it's got Lakers on it)
    ARTIST: T.M.Revolution
    RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2011 (Originally March 9, then March 30, and THEN April 20)

    Before we start, I think this accurately sums up my feelings upon hearing about the new album back in December:

    And upon receiving it at 9:45 am on Tuesday, April 19...

    TRACK ONE - CLOUD NINE -instrumental-

    I think I'll just describe the opening instrumental track as Promised FORCE sped up and then injected with both of the resurrection tracks from progress. It seriously got me pumped up for the rest of the album. I swear to God my stomach actually dropped a bit when the soaring noises kicked in.

    TRACK TWO - Pearl in the shell

    This song originally debuted at Inazuma Rock Fes 2010 and I was immediately in love with it. I found it to be an incredibly refreshing departure from the hard, fast-paced rock songs that he's been putting out lately. I especially love the choruses with You're my speciarrrr and You're my preciousssss.
    (I wanted Flapjack here but this will do too...both shows are on drugs anyway.)

    TRACK THREE - Naked arms
    Okay, so this song isn't really too new (it actually debuted at Inazuma Rock Fes 2009). It's still fuckin' badass though. The song's Never back down message spoke to me during a dark time in my life...DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT

    (I've been meaning to make this)

    TRACK FOUR - resonance

    I still love resonance so, so, SO much. I always get such an adrenaline rush off of this song. IT GIVES ME LIFE. And it's perfect for Soul Eater (which is one of the only five animu I actually give a shit about. yeah, I don't like annie-may annie-may I'd fuck dat bitch anyday...AHEM.) Well, anyway~
    (and I don't even headbang)

    TRACK FIVE - Imaginary Ark
    ...okay, not gonna lie. When I first heard this track, I was totally like

    I think the fact that it was another damn Gundam (*SHUDDER*) song killed some of the excitement for me...not to mention that I wasn't IMMEDIATELY blown away by it anyway. I pretty much ignored it until Inazuma '10...then I started looping that shit like crazy. How about that. Now when I listen to it, I'm like

    TRACK SIX - 水に映る月

    I stand by the fact that this song is basically 夢の雫 meets last resort. And it is beautiful. Yeah, I know, it starts out kind of "meh", but just let it keep going. Then you start tearing up a little. And his vocals in this song give me goosebumps, fo' realz.

    TRACK SEVEN - Wasteland Lost

    Okay, first off, let me state that I don't even care that they took Auto-Tune to his voice during the verses. IT'S HOT, ALL RIGHT? And catchy as hell, too. This song reminds me of something, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what.

    TRACK EIGHT - Thousands Morning Refrain

    THIS SONG. THIS DAMN SONG. TURNS ME INTO A SNIVELING MESS EVERY FUCKING TIME. The song was used for Sanrio Puroland's 20th anniversary and the theme they have going is friendship. DAMN. In case you didn't really pay attention, this song happens to be the album's token "T-M-R" track (every album except for MAKES REVOLUTION has one).


    I had to clean up a bit of my brain off the floor when I first heard this song. MY MIND WAS BLOOOOOWN. However badass Naked arms is, SWORD SUMMIT will forever top it.

    TRACK TEN - crosswise

    Well...I wasn't too excited about this song in the beginning but I gradually warmed up to it. I admit it, I had a Mondegreen moment with this song. During the second chorus, where you hear no zawa meki o~...I heard somewhere making love for the longest goddamn time. MY HEARING IS ALREADY SHOT OKAY

    TRACK ELEVEN - 09 (nine) Lives...or Ø9 (nine) Lives. WHAT THE FUCK EVER.

    GIF says it all.

    TRACK TWELVE - Fate and Faith

    Well, OK, it's not quite the right tempo to try and pussy pop to. IDGAF I seriously thought I was going to get pregnant listening to this song. More autotune but I really dun curr.


    By far, the biggest surprise on the album. With a title like Reload I was expecting moar fast-paced rock. INSTEAD WE GET ACOUSTIC TMR. DO FUCKING WANT.

    TRACK FOURTEEN - Fortune Maker

    If you REALLY haven't been paying attention, this is by far my favorite track on the album. Everyone I've spoken to pretty much agrees that it's Private Storm version 2.0. The entire song is like a drug. If I could, I would ask to be on an IV drip of Fortune Maker (sounds better than the iron drip I keep getting threatened with). THIS SONG IS PERFECT END OF STORY MOTHERFUCKERS.

    TRACK FIFTEEN - soul's crossing
    Whoever said this track was better than resonance needs to be punched, seriously.

    I'm sorry, but I always did find this song to be too all over the place for my liking (I'M A HYPOCRITE). :| I love it, of course, but I just can't get into it properly.

    TRACK SIXTEEN - Lakers

    LOL NOT **THOSE** LAKERS. This song was released digitally in early 2010 but I didn't get to hear it until I watched Inazuma '10. But I only needed to listen to it once to be totally hooked on it.

    TRACK SEVENTEEN - Save The One, Save The All

    I always do my best to ignore the fact that this song is tied to ol' funky-ass BLEACH. It's just too GOOD for that shit. But anyway, let me just state that I would have put those chains in the PV to better damn, y'all weren't supposed to hear that. Eh.

    TRACK EIGHTEEN - vestige -ヴェスティージ-

    Now I actually DON'T care that this is a Gundam song, as it makes me weepy every time. Even more so when he performs it live. ;A; A perfect song to close the album out to.

    In conclusion...

    I hope at least a few people got some laughs and maybe acquired a few new GIFs for their collections. For me, GIFs do a better job of getting my feelings across than trying to be all verbose and shit.

    P.S. Did I just kill your internets?