• A journal about which is the best riot grrrl album!

    26. Mai. 2008, 6:32

    And the winner, for the best album, that is:

    The Power Muscles of Vagina by Pzbuka
  • A journal about how you can change the world! (For the better!)

    27. Mär. 2007, 10:12

    So you want to change the world, ha?

    Have I got a tip for you! :)

    First, go to the World Community Grid.
    Join them and download a small (1,5MB) installer file. Install it.

    By doing so you are joining a worldwide effort to cure diseases, do important scinentific work and most important of all - make a differnece.

    How it works? The program you are installing is a small runs-in-the-background program that helps scinetists and doctors do their work. You download some information, your computer processes it and gives the results back.

    It is not very hardware demanding: (1,5 GHz processor, 384 MB RAM and 1 GB of disksapce are the recommended specifics but you can go lower), and it doesn't really take much of your computer's performance away.

    You can have it work as a screensaver or only when you tell it so.

    Here is a screenshot of me researching some proteins!

    Also, don't forget to fuck McDonald's! ;)
  • A journal about how mainstream you are!

    16. Mär. 2007, 17:26

    Point your mouse here and click it.

    put your nick in it and - BAM! - the whacha-ma-jiggit calculates your mainstream / underground -ness!

    i came out 10.41% mainstream! =)
  • A journal about a gig.

    23. Feb. 2007, 14:28

  • a journal that is gossipy.

    3. Okt. 2006, 14:02

    check this out!

    for those of you who dont know, this is an interview that was done by me, tuna and fuci bout two years ago with Against Me!. the funny thing was, and this is just hillarios - that after the interview was over, tuna asked me if i had turned the recorder on before the actual start of the interview. of course i did not.
    so this is a pretty vague "reanactment" of the conversation we had.

    oh, and yea - even thou maxse claims that this is a prevously unreleased intterview, a more careful zinester would remember it being published it the very same maxse's LA Bean some two years ago. :)
  • a journal that is critical.

    17. Jul. 2006, 16:35

    so the olde last.fmme has a brand new look! (and a bit or too of new programming, if i am not mistaken..)

    since i just got back from the savage way of life in the veins of thy dirty old festival, i'll need some time to really comprehend the full impact of the.. um.. this thing.. :)
    the thing with the more pics everywhere is kinda kewl, 'specially since it appears that they have the cover of Why stakla's Daj, dođi. which is totally awesome. and i'm in the top fans, hell yea! and it also appears on the side as you're typing. so i guess someone tried harder... =)
    but, alas, Why stakla still don't have all that much info so it cant look up their album with the album tag. :/

    another bad thing is that my animated .gif avatar still doesnt work right, even thou it isnt all that big.

    and i'm still gonna have to check if now they let you edit your journal after you post it. my typos are just awful =)

    what else what else?
    guess it's a wrap. ;)

    yes you can edit it. hooray!
  • a journal that is heducational.

    15. Jun. 2006, 23:03

    so. uploading and posting a pic on the web. how to. ;)

    1st of all, you need to get the pic online. best way to do it to go to pic hosting site, like or

    there you find the "BROWSE" button, press it, run throu your computer's hard drive i select the pic you want to share with the world. note! you can only upload one at a time.

    after you press "HOST" or its equivalent button, the service will show you the address (or URL, as nerds call it) in more versions. the sites i mentioned above already give you the necessary code (marked as "FORUM" version) which you can just paste whereever you please, or you can go with the bare HTML code. you put the adress (starting with "http://..." inbetween image tags. tags are [ I M G ] to start, and [ / I M G ] to end. ofcourse, you do not put these spaces in, but i had to in order you could see them.

    hope this was helpful. any questions?
  • a journal about a picture.

    14. Jun. 2006, 19:04

    ghost of punks past!


  • a journal abot sex.

    26. Mär. 2006, 14:56

    monday i get up for school at 7.30 and come back home at 4.
    tuesday i get up for school at 9 and come back home at 5.
    wednesday i get up for school at 7.30 and come back home at 4.
    thursday i get up for school at 7.30 and come back home at 7.
    fridayday i get up for school at 9 and come back home at 8.
    on weekends i have to work for school too.

    so wheres the sex?!

    well fuck this life!