A Perfect CircleMagdalena Lieblingslied 30
AdeleChasing Pavements Lieblingslied 7
AdeleRolling in the Deep Lieblingslied 15
AirAll I Need Lieblingslied 49
AnberlinFeel Good Drag Lieblingslied 25
ApocalypticaPath Lieblingslied 1
Armor for SleepBasement Ghost Singing Lieblingslied 44
Art of DyingCompletely Lieblingslied 130
Art of DyingGet Through This Lieblingslied 51
Art of DyingYou Don't Know Me Lieblingslied 148
Art of DyingInside It's Raining Lieblingslied 138
Art of DyingCrime Lieblingslied 101
AudioslaveLike a Stone Lieblingslied 26
BlindsideFell In Love With The Game Lieblingslied 17
BlindsidePut Back the Stars Lieblingslied 22
BlindsideMy Alibi Lieblingslied 17
BlindsideWhen I Remember Lieblingslied 74
BlindsideCity Lights Lieblingslied 5
BlindsideYou Must Be Bleeding Under Your Eyelids Lieblingslied 3
Blue OctoberSay It Lieblingslied 47
Blue OctoberDirt Room Lieblingslied 61
Blue OctoberJump Rope Lieblingslied 30
CandleboxStand Lieblingslied 82
Carpark NorthThe Everlasting Tie Lieblingslied 10
ChevelleOne Lonely Visitor Lieblingslied 11
ChevelleStill Running Lieblingslied 28
ChevelleVitamin R (Leading Us Along) Lieblingslied 102
Chris CornellYou Know My Name Lieblingslied 67
Chris ReaDriving Home for Christmas Lieblingslied 2
Chris ReaThe Road to Hell (Part 2) Lieblingslied 1
ColdConfession Lieblingslied 43
ColdIt's All Good Lieblingslied 30
ColdWhatever You Became Lieblingslied 29
Cold10-The Day Seattle Died Lieblingslied 20
Cold02-Suffocate Lieblingslied 15
ComaWrony Lieblingslied 10
ComaPiosenka pisana nocą Lieblingslied 14
ComaLsnienie Lieblingslied 13
CreedMy Own Prison Lieblingslied 17
CreedWash Away Those Years Lieblingslied 6
CreedTorn Lieblingslied 15
CreedSigns Lieblingslied 11
CreedTorn (Live At The House Of Blues 1999) Lieblingslied 6
CrossfadeBroken Like an Angel Lieblingslied 72
CrossfadeBreathing Slowly Lieblingslied 65
DispatchThe General Lieblingslied 26
DisturbedFade to Black Lieblingslied 1
Eddie VedderLong Nights Lieblingslied 41
Edvard GriegIn the Hall of the Mountain King Lieblingslied 4
Egypt CentralOver and Under Lieblingslied 11