• klaggs Albums of the Year 2010.

    19. Dez. 2010, 14:55

    It's the music event of the festive season, bigger than the battle for Christmas number but not quite as big as the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party, its the annual (first ever) klagg Albums of the Year award.

    Designer handbags have been exchanged, fawning speeches made and I have signed an exclusive ticket distribution deal with Jack Warners cousin for next years awards and can now exclusively reveal my 15 albums of the year in one handy easy to wipe Spotify play list.

    The 15 songs are in no particular order of preference, obviously I did spend ages dicking around trying to work out the best running order and probably still haven't got it right. Have a listen if you like, please recommend me new stuff that I might enjoy, I'm getting old and losing my edge to the kids from France and from London.

    For those of you a) without Spotify and b) that give a shit here is that list in full:

    Zola Jesus - Stridulum II
    The National - High Violet
    Warpaint - The Fool
    Foals - Total Life Forever
    LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening
    The Walkmen - Lisbon
    Surfer Blood - Astro Coast
    Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks
    Interpol - Interpol
    Tame Impala - InnerSpeaker
    Phosphorescent - Here's To Taking It Easy
    Maps & Atlases - Perch Patchwork
    Menomena - Mines
    Steve Mason - Boys Outside
    Beach House - Teen Dream
  • Interpol - Koko, 15.5.7

    16. Mai. 2007, 16:46

    2004 and 5 were the peak years of my Interpol obsession and after last nights gig at Koko I am worried that this obsession is going to return stronger than ever.

    You know you’re an obsessed Interpol fan when:

    •You spot people outside the venue mid afternoon that you have seen before…. whilst waiting outside the venue mid afternoon.
    •You queue to sign up for the Interpol mailing list for the 4th time in order to get a free pin badge.
    •You are able to discuss the tour to date with people not so familiar with Interpol and explain why they are only playing Koko and where they played the night before, and all other previous dates.
    •You have a picture of the previous night’s setlist on your phone and are able to inform your friends that tonight they will play 3 new songs, what they are called and when in the set they will be played. You will also make a half hearted attempt to sing along with these songs and tut when people clap for the end of Pioneer, when in fact it is merely a quite bit of the song.
    •During the gig you will think to yourself that Daniel wore that red/white/blue wristband for all of the shows on the Antics tour that you saw, did he wash it? Is it surgically attached to his arm?
    •You will enjoy ‘Stella’ but spend half the song wondering if Paul still kisses the microphone during the song (4:18 on the record). He does.
    •You are annoyed that you don’t know the name of the new keyboard player when asked.
    •You steal 2 photocopies of the pass sheet from the banisters on the way out of the venue and think about putting it in your special Interpol box when you get home.
    •You get a little bit pissed off when you realise you didn’t get some Interpol stickers that were being given away outside the venue. When your housemate lets you have his you can’t help but think “oh, I wish you hadn’t creased them though” and start to wonder how best to straighten them out. Will ironing them under some material work, or will I just transfer the sticker to the cloth in a horrible mess?
    •On the way home you think about starting a savings jar where you will put money into each week to save to allow you to see as many Interpol gigs as possible on the full Interpol tour.

    I am solely responsible for all of the above.

    We were stood about 5 rows back from the front, in front of Daniel. Daniel is one of the most unique guitar players I’ve seen, he seems to glide across the stage effortlessly, almost moonwalking at some points, the best bits being when he stands at the edge of the stage playing a solo. Carlos D, ah Carlos – you crazy initialled surnamed fool. Gone is the Nazi guard look, to be replaced by with a more Midwestern look which includes a longer, less painstakingly straightened haircut, and a little moustache. He also seems to have adopted a different stage persona; the previous persona of aloof Carlos has been replaced by a more playful Carlos. On a number of occasions he stood towards the edge of the stage with a startled look on his face, playing the bass away from him and giving the impression that he was about to topple over, of course he didn’t – Carlos D doesn’t do falling over. He also seemed to acknowledge that the crowd were there more, on numerous occasions he looked at the audience and it was clear to see that it gave him pleasure to see them enjoying themselves watching him play. His guitar showmanship has also been taken up a level and culminated during ‘Evil’, in which he demonstrated the aforementioned ‘help me I’m falling’ look, in addition to the ‘playing the bass like it’s a gun’ and the ‘lifting the bass high above your head’ style, oh and of course the Peter Hook style low slung playing.

    Paul was his usual self, minimal interaction with the crowd and surveying the crowd only on the outro to PDA, where he usually grants himself a smile at the chaotic scenes fought out in front of him. Sam’s drumming was as tight as it always is, particularly during Not Even Jail and Length of Love, although it was hard to see him from my vantage point.

    Much has been made, on many a music discussion forum, about the sound in Koko, but for me there was no problems. Paul’s voice was also a worry on the Interpol forum, but again I didn’t notice any problems, occasionally the vocals were lost in the mix but this happens as a lot of gigs. The light show from the previous tour was still present and is an integral part of the aesthetic of an Interpol gig for me, with the stage bathed in light blues and reds and the occasional use of the strobe. Thankfully though the pulsating light display and intro to ‘Not Even Jail’ has been toned down, I’ve almost had a heart attack from that on a couple of occasions.

    For me the night was superb, it’s hard to judge if this was the best I have seen Interpol as I think my judgement is clouded by the fact it has been so long, however, at this moment I’m going to say it was.

    Now, I need to find a jar to keep my Interpol savings in – bring on the tour!


    Pioneer to the Falls
    Obstacle 1
    Say Hello to the Angels
    Take You on a Cruise
    Slow Hands
    Leif Erikson
    The Heinrich Manuever
    Not Even Jail
    Length of love
    Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down
    Support band: To My Boy –
    Kenny says – Never trust a band with an Apple Mac.
  • Prinzhorn Dance School - Suckiest sucks that ever sucked!!

    17. Mär. 2007, 8:52

    It may only be March but I truly believe I will not see a worse band (unless for some inexplicable reason I attend a Fratellis gig) than Prinzhorn Dance School, who supported LCD Soundsytem on Tuesday 14th.

    Not only is James Murphy, top man of LCD, letting them play on the same bill as him he has also signed them to his DFA record label. Murphy is largely responsible for the resurgence in indie-dance music through his work with Radio 4 and The Rapture which in turn has led to the glow stick shifting craze of "new rave". If Prinzhorn Dance School are to be the forerunners of a new musical scene then very dark times await.

    The band enters dressed totally in the obligatory cool black outfit (Prinzhorn are so cool they don't even have a myspace – woo edgy) and the first song begins. Consisting of a simple repeated base line, repetitive pounding drumming and the occasional repeated nonsensical lyric and scream…..and this process continues for half an hour. Nothing else happens.

    The band sounded like a poor version of The Kills but without any of the claustrophobic intensity or tension that they posses. Now, I have no musical talent at all, so maybe I can't criticise, but I do have ears and they were offended by this drivel. The drumming technique consisted of a man hitting the drum as hard as possible over and over and abusing musical instruments in this way frequently resulted in me being rebuked by my music teacher Ms Emptage, which culminated in me being called a "prat". According to an interview in Fact Magazine the band "went hunting for someone who could play drums, but not play drums.", well they sure found who they were looking for.

    And the lyrics, well there weren't many. Some shouting of something about "Hamworthy Sports and Social Club" (eh??), something about there being "no air in Hampshire" and I also heard a mention of Mansfield. I was confused.

    Occasionally there are pauses in the racket and the bemused audience make their own noise in response, usually this is known as "clapping" and is to communicate appreciation for the work of the bands. However, I believe that this noise was not clapping but the sound of an entire audience ripping their ears off and stamping them on the floor so as to avoid another aural assault from Prinzhorn Dance School. After half an hour or so they slope off and the Bristol Academy breathes a collective sigh of relief.

    Thankfully LCD, including Al from Hot Chip, are infinitely better. Although their appeals for round of applause for Prinzhorn Dance School are met with a particularly muted response, which caused a hay bale sized tumbleweed to blow across the stage and saw 3 people run from the Academy screaming at the mere mention of their name.
  • Gig Awards 2006

    18. Dez. 2006, 20:42

    My Gig Awards 2006!
    Yes I am a geek, I've kept a list of all the bands I've seen this year ( I'm not the only one to do this am I?). Seeing as everyone else is doing one I thought I'd put together some pointless awards thing and here it is. Feel free to leave some comments after, call me a nerd - whatever.

    •Best Venue:
    Runner Up – Joy Eslava, Madrid

    Winner – The Polish Club, Bristol.
    Primarily for the reason that it plays home to a large picture of the Polish 1974 World Cup team above the bar, amongst other ageing Polish, eh, stuff on the walls. The Polish Club also sells my beer of choice, Budvar, in proper bottles and for a reasonable prize. The first and only time I went there this year being for the British Sea Power gig and it’s an easy place to miss amongst the student flats of Clifton. More gigs there please promoters of Bristol.

    •Worst Venue:
    Winner: Bristol Academy 2.
    Not so much of a gig venue, more of a heavily branded corridor. A tiny venue, with beer at £3.30 for a pint of god awful Carling and poor views from anywhere apart from on the stage with the band. More often than not gigs here end early, by 9:30, so hordes of underage emo-kids can flood the corridor. Let the emo’s in, board up the doors and never stage a gig there again.

    •Best Gig:
    Runners Up: Kubichek! at the Academy 2, Bristol/ Metric and Blood Red Shoes at the Fleece, Bristol

    Winner: The National – Koko.
    “The English are waiting and I don’t know what to do” sings The National’s Matt Berringer, well that’s a lie. Throughout this gig, their only headline one in the UK of 2006, the band proved they knew exactly how to please the English crowd by passionately playing most of Alligator and other favourites such as Available and About Today. The encore was delayed before Berringer took the stage with a bottle of champagne to toast the bands biggest headline gig to date and it was a real pleasure to be amongst that crowd who were as in love with the band as I became in 2006.

    •Worst Gig:
    Runners Up: Boy Kill Boy - Louisiana, Bristol. It was free and to charge for this dross would have been robbery.

    Winner : The Aliens – Thekla, Bristol.
    Dear The Aliens,
    I saw you twice this year. The first time was your 2nd gig in England as part of The Venn Festival and that was pretty shambolic but I was willing to overlook that. The 2nd time was even worse than that, you looked disinterested, the crowd were disinterested, the instruments were out of tune, you looked like you hated each other. I have very rarely wanted to leave a gig early, but you almost made me do it. Please, for the sake of the memory of The Beta Band give it up.
    Yours Sincerely, Kenny.

    •Biggest disappointment:
    Runners Up: The Strokes at Colston Hall. £25 for seats a mile from the stage for a band that had just released a stinker of an album.

    Winners: The Walkmen, The Point in Cardiff.

    I made the effort to travel and stop over in Cardiff; just a pity the band didn’t put as much effort into it. I’ve loved “Bows and Arrows” and also really liked “Louisiana”, but I think that the millstone of the amazing “The Rat” is too much for The Walkmen. It was all the majority of the crowd wanted to hear, which led to a sense that most would have left after the song was dispensed with early on which created a really flat atmosphere from there in.

    •Comedy Act of the Year:
    Runner Up: The Young Knives – Some good inter band banter between Henry and the House of Lords (aka Fat Timmy Mallet)

    Winner: Yes Boss!
    Easily, no contest this one. 2 lads (Noah and Gavron), 1 laptop and a load of piss funny lyrics. So funny infact that it caused never before seen outpourings of laughter from Crump, its not often you see a man in tweed with a pipe doubled up in laughter and with a tear in his eye.

    For example:

    “In order to win it, I’ve got to be in it, innit”

    “I’m hungry like tramps,
    Ideas burn hot like lamps”

    “I’m sick of all the jabbering,
    I’m going to go and give a cab a ring,
    I don't care if you're rich or poor,
    You're gonna get wet like the kitchen floor”

    “Give ‘em an inch i'll take a mile,
    Keep ‘em sweet like tate & lyle”

    “Cheer up don't get depressed son
    ‘Cos you look like Simon Weston”

    “Your just a little prick like a thistle,
    Kissed your grandma under the mistletoe”

    •The it does look good for your career, but your really really shit award:
    Winner: The Twang
    They supported Jamie T at the Louisiana. They proceeded to play some sub Mondays/Roses shite and had two lead singers both of which seem like the sort of twunts you get in indie clubs who go nuts for Kasabian and that type of bilge. Lead "singer" one kicked a drink over the guitarists pedals and they then left the stage, thankfully. Sadly though they seem to be getting a fair bit of press and even have some sort of record deal. 2007 is going to be a dark year if these schmos make it anywhere near big, I’ve warned you.

    •The it doesn’t look good for your career award:
    Winner: Radio 4.
    Playing to less than 50 people in a corridor in Bristol shouldn’t really be happening to these guys. Still, all credit to them they managed to put on a good performance and dedicate a song to “the single Mum’s of America”.

    •Worst band name award
    Sponsored by Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo:

    Winner: Karma Mechanics.
    Seriously, it’s not funny. Change it. Actually, just give up, you were shit.

    •Worst timed trip to the Bar:
    Winner: Pete Aighton at The Strokes – Colston Hall.
    After sitting through the early part of the set, which included pap from the latest album Pete decided to go to the bar just as a series of songs from the first album were rattled off. For the purpose of the story they played “ Last Nite, Hard to Explain, New York City Cops and The Modern Age” all in a row, Pete came back asked “Did I miss much?” and then spilt the beers.*

    * I may have over-emphasised some of this to hide the irony of me calling someone for going to the toilet.

    •Worst Facial Hair**:
    Runner Up: My Nemesis. He only didn’t win as I don’t want to give him the honour of this prestigious title.

    Winner: The l(e)ad singer from The Spinto Band.
    OK, I know he’s only about 14 years old but there’s no excuse for bumfluff. Not really a moustache, more of a cappuccino stain. I learnt the hard way, I shaved off half of my top lip trying to rid myself of bumfluff, it’s time you did the same. Pah, kids eh.

    ** Again, I am fully aware of the irony of this award given my inability to grow anything more than some patchy “stubble”.

    •Bands I’m looking forward to seeing next year.

    •Interpol – of course, new album due out middle of next year.
    •The National – as above.
    •I was a cub scout – Really love the Pink Squares single and should be good live.
    •Tokyo Police Club – I predict these will make it pretty big next year if the “A Lesson in Crime” EP is anything to go on.
    •Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – I missed this gig at the Cube earlier in the year and hope he comes round again.

    My gig list in full, yes this is geeky.

    The Spinto BandLouisiana19/01/2006
    The RakesAnson Rooms24/01/2006
    Shout out LoudsColston Hall25/01/2006
    The StrokesColston Hall25/01/2006
    White Rose MovementAnson Rooms31/01/2006
    Mike BennettLouisiana03/02/2006
    The Sunshine UndergroundLouisiana03/02/2006
    Arctic MonkeysBristol Academy13/02/2006
    Maximo ParkBristol Academy13/02/2006
    The Mystery JetsBristol Academy13/02/2006
    We are scientistsBristol Academy13/02/2006
    Jim NoirFopp17/02/2006
    BabyshamblesBristol Academy21/02/2006
    Jubb and The Dirty SleevesBristol Academy21/02/2006
    The ViewBristol Academy21/02/2006
    BrakesBristol Academy24/02/2006
    EditorsBristol Academy24/02/2006
    KubichekBristol Academy24/02/2006
    Boy Kill BoyLouisiana04/03/2006
    BedmonsterBristol Academy20/03/2006
    Mike BennettBristol Academy20/03/2006
    The FallBristol Academy20/03/2006
    Bloody TouristsThe Croft, Bristol22/03/2006
    Shit DiscoThe Croft, Bristol22/03/2006
    The Advocate GeneralsThe Croft, Bristol22/03/2006
    The Sunshine UndergroundaR224/04/2006
    Yes Boss!AR224/04/2006
    GrovesnorFleece and Firkin16/05/2006
    Hot ChipFleece and Firkin16/05/2006
    Jahoodi KrazLouisiana20/05/2006
    The GenerationLouisiana20/05/2006
    The DevastationsKoko, Camden31/05/2006
    The NationalKoko, Camden31/05/2006
    65 Days of StaticMalcolm X Centre, Bristol02/06/2006
    The AliensMalcolm X Centre, Bristol02/06/2006
    Field MusicBristol Academy07/06/2006
    The FutureheadsBristol Academy07/06/2006
    HumanziFleece and Firkin08/06/2006
    White Rose MovementFleece and Firkin08/06/2006
    Jamie TLouisiana29/06/2006
    The TwangLouisiana29/06/2006
    KubichekBristol Academy 207/07/2006
    The MotorettesBristol Academy 207/07/2006
    The CrimeaBristol Academy 202/08/2006
    The Young KnivesBristol Academy 202/08/2006
    Joan as PolicewomanFopp10/08/2006
    The Spinto BandAR220/08/2006
    Karma MechanicsAR220/08/2006
    British Sea PowerPolish Club, Bristol14/09/2006
    Morton ValencePolish Club, Bristol14/09/2006
    Josh PykeThe Point, Cardiff25/09/2006
    Sound TeamThe Point, Cardiff25/09/2006
    The WalkmenThe Point, Cardiff26/09/2006
    Loney, DearLouisiana27/09/2006
    Peter Bjorn and JohnLouisiana27/09/2006
    The DelaysColston Hall28/09/2006
    EmbraceColston Hall28/09/2006
    Blood MeridianAnson Rooms01/10/2006
    The Black KeysAnson Rooms01/10/2006
    Indigo MossFleece and Firkin11/10/2006
    The Howling BellsFleece and Firkin11/10/2006
    The Young KnivesThekla Social13/10/2006
    PolytechnicThekla Social13/10/2006
    The 1990's Thekla Social23/10/2006
    The Long BlondesThekla Social23/10/2006
    Favourite SonsBierkeller25/10/2006
    The DearsBierkeller25/10/2006
    The WhipManhattan Bar, Bristol27/10/2006
    Bare KnucklesManhattan Bar, Bristol27/10/2006
    The Sunshine UndergroundManhattan Bar, Bristol27/10/2006
    Third PartThekla Social04/11/2006
    The AliensThekla Social04/11/2006
    Blood Red ShoesFleece and Firkin09/11/2006
    MetricFleece and Firkin09/11/2006
    My LuminariesBristol Academy 210/11/2006
    Radio 4Bristol Academy 210/11/2006
    Peter Bjorn and JohnJoy Eslava, Madrid22/11/2006
    Good Books Joy Eslava, Madrid22/11/2006
    The Magic NumbersJoy Eslava, Madrid22/11/2006
    The English PricesThekla Social26/11/2006
    The HeightsThekla Social26/11/2006
    KubichekThekla Social26/11/2006
    The MulesBristol Academy 230/11/2006
    Xerox TeensBristol Academy 230/11/2006
    Good ShoesBristol Academy 230/11/2006
    Rat Att AggMoles, Bath15/12/2006
    KlaxonsMoles, Bath15/12/2006

    KubichekKubichek!InterpolThe NationalMetricBlood Red ShoesThe WalkmenYes Boss!The Young KnivesTokyo Police ClubI Was a Cub ScoutThe Sunshine Underground