Those hits that hit me


26. Feb. 2011, 10:35

Foretold hit
Flightless Bird, American Mouth
I remembered this as one of my relative's favourite track after it was featured on a "The Cat in the Boots" or "Cat" production. I remembered clearly she sang its tune a lot. I didn't care about it though, until a year a a half later, I learned from a friend that it a FRESH soundtrack on Twilight. I couldn't believe it and tried to google it around to prove that it had already exist before that. I didn't reap any result, but my relative went loco with the song for weeks.

Deja vu hit
Love Song
I first heard its tune on MTV. Its jolly piano beat immediate made me familiar, but I was sure I haven't heard it anywhere before. This track is so heart-filling that it deserves it deserve the #1 spot of 2008 songs.

Plagiarised hit
Viva la Vida
Well needless to say, I instantly recognised the tune of the violin. It was on an oldies hit, I heard it on the radio once before. The beat was also featured in a furniture advertisement in my city more than a year before the release of VlaV. Putting this issue aside, I had a little faith in Coldplay and expected some twist of the original tune. They did put a twist, but it was disappointing. The upbeat rhythm and the vocal don't match in its bridge, giving me some hollow feeling. Next, I waited for the video and ... it wasn't fulfilling as well. Putting a rock texture over the whole video to hide its flaw? This is an old trick! Nevertheless, I couldn't escape from this song due to airplay requests. Thankfully, it was sued several times and a number of people discovered the truth, regardless of whether Coldplay win these cases.
No worry, they gained my fandom back with Christmas Lights.

Desired hit
The reason I called this the desired hit is due to my first encounter with Fireflies. I was getting emotional having a depressing roommate who hated all types of sounds. That afternoon I was curling on my bed telling myself: "I wish school life would be over soon, then I would use all of my saving to buy a sound mixing software and bury myself in my OWN room, creating unforgettable track that would sound like ..." It was the moment the introduction of Fireflies shot straight through my ears via my earphone. "this EXACTLY", I uttered. YES, every single note MUST sound like this. Then, Adam's vocal came about and I felt disgusted. How could a hit like this has to be sung by such a scarily sour vocal? I instantly despised, then envied Owl City, for producing my anticipated sounds. There came the chorus, which calmed me down. I rushed to google this band afterward and was a little called off by the fact that Adam was the only main artist behind the eccentric name. Yet I later felt he deserved the praises. His other songs in his first mainstream album was refreshing. Soon the whole album became my coffee.

Funky hit
Hot n Cold
I knew about Katy a while before this track became a single, but a while after I Kissed A Girl was released. Hot n Cold is really fun and exciting and so does its video. Katy's appearance and voice reminded me of KT Tunstall. This song, accompanied by Thinking of You and Waking Up in Vegas confirmed my obsession with Katy. I was actually surprised that it wasn't as successful (if not more than) as I Kissed A Girl.

Grows-On-Me Hit
No doubt, this was a hit that grew on me due to its popularity. It came to me for the first time through the radio. I literally laughed out loud at her "oh oh oh" part as it reminded me of the 80s. Yet I applauded Ke$ha for putting a new twist to it, which also saved her voice from potential out-of-tune moments. The second time I heard this song was during MTV Push. I was neither awed or bored by Tik Tok back then, until almost EVERY single person I met sang its tune, while the rest hummed its instrumental part. Alright, it had me addicted.


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