Oh boy Slim.


25. Sep. 2011, 20:26

Fri 23 Sep – Langhorne Slim

Slim is such a babe, hands down put on one of the greatest shows I’ve seen ever. Plus being right in front of the mic was priceless he’s someone I’d go see any chance I got. I have him and some of the openers loaded on my phone and my camera so that will be fun to get into.

Ok there was three opening acts one was a bit out of place among the bands The Old One Two (I wasn’t particularly fond of them, the singer sat in a chair on stage most of the time which was quite the opposite of what I’m used to seeing from bands), The Caitlin Watkins Band very talented band the use of the violin moved them over the top for me I bought their cd only 3 bucks another local band they even had hand painted shirts to sell it was cute, Matrimony another local band on this leg of the tour with Slim they were definitely worth seeing again soon I wasn’t expecting that powerful of a voice to come out of than man but oh did it I also bought their cd.

Then Langhorne, oh Sean you are a charmer I was warned of you and it was not even anything I had expected. Suited up in a tweed dress jacket, grey tank, brown cords with your star scarf “cute as a bugs ear” (I borrowed that from Shawna) I hurriedly got into filming and the concerts call just so I wouldn’t forget them, hoping up and down and dancing my butt off from the very beginning. Langhorne has the best, YES I said the best stage presence, he posed for me and even showed me his boots when he noticed I was taking a picture of them. (I knew some of you would appreciate them whole heartedly.) His charm was on strong tonight, boy was he making everyone swoon, the set was forever long I think near three hours, they played at least 7 encore songs including Cindarella, and Hello Sunshine which were of my favorites, 3 new songs from the up coming record they are going on a break from tour to finish up, I have a few new favorite songs which include Blown Your Mind, and I Love You, But Goodbye, unfortunately I didn’t get to stay and talk to him the bar was practically closing they do that around here around 2 am. He sat on the speaker right by me for a little, then laid back down on the stage before he walked around in the crowd a little bit, though the drunk girls playing grab ass was a tad beyond the line it was amazing.

My feet hurt, my whole body is sore from dancing and screaming and clapping.

I have to find a way to put these pictures and videos on the internet. I really did want his scarf it was vintage looking but had stars all over obviously I was wanting it because it’s his and for my name sake. It’s 5 am I should go to sleep soon.

I also treated Raina, Lacy, and Shawn with concert calls. <3
The only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been had my pieces fallen into the write place and I had gotten to meet him and talk to him for a bit and got a picture. But there will always be next time.Langhorne SlimMatrimony


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