Anime Character Songs are teh Squee


31. Aug. 2006, 6:15

Current Track: Sakura Kiss for string

Okay. So. First journal entry. Fun stuffs.

Actually I have a music survey that I stole from someone who had stolen it from a long line of stealers, so I'll get to that later. Not like it matters. The only one who will ever look at this is (maybe) Laura. So onto the nonsense.

I am completely obsessed with anime character songs.

> First it was Rurouni Kenshin (Ice Blue Eyes, anyone?)
> Then the numerous Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon character singles (I've listened to Shinohara Emi say "moonlight rain" waaaay too many times)
> Next there were probably tons of random anime that I dont particulary care (nor am I able) to remember
> Those Hagaren singles were/are great (seeing as how I still listen to them. Loving: Asu e no Basho and Ame no Hi wa No Thank You. I can listen to that second track over and over. Roy & Riza are too cute.
> The Inuyasha character singles came next. I hold them near and dear to my heart (and ears). What could be better than Abarero? Well. The fact that I get to listen to Kappei-sama sing just about killed me. I love that boy.
> But now. I have. A new. OBSESSION.
They are all wonderful.
My favorite is, suprisingly, Itsumo Gawa ni. Who knew that when Takashi sings he's errmazing! Forget talking, he has this amazing voice that only needs to sing and utter short sentences to placate Honey-kun. Loving it.
I also love Guilty Beauty Love. Although I squeed over all of the tracks.

I am, however, bummed that sakamoto maaya didn't sing at all on either of the CDs. She speaks a bit in "Mata Ashita", but that's it. I haven't listened to the bonus discs, but I shall. Maybe there's a third OST with Maaya-only character songs. Doubtful, but still. It's weird watching a series with her in it (a main role, what's more!) that doesn't involve a) her singing _anything_ and b) kanno youko.

You're freakin' me out here man.


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